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 July 6

by Carolina

Zooey Deschanel finds it difficult for stars to find love because of their “prejudice” about them.

A 41-year-old actress who has been dating Jonathan Scott for two years can understand why it’s hard to date someone who isn’t a celebrity because it’s hard to understand life in the world.

Asked why celebrities find dating difficult, she told “Extras”: I find it really hard to shake those preconceptions, especially if you’re dating someone who doesn’t directly know what’s going on with the infamy. “

Zooey and co-host Michael Bolton help the star find love in the “Celebrity Dating Game”, but the “New Girl” actress says that if she doesn’t have a relationship, that’s what she wants to do. I insisted that it wasn’t what I expected.

Asked if she would be a contestant if she was single, she said: “No, absolutely not. I liked hosting it, but no.”

The beauty of the brunette recently praised Jonathan as “the nicest person in the world”.

She spouted as follows. “I think Jonathan is the best person in the world. So I’m really lucky. I’m just trying to be as energetic as he is. And it works.”

Zooey, with Elise Otter (5 years old), Charlie Wolf (3 years old) and her ex-husband Jacob Pechenik, recently explained that she had a bond with Jonathan on a common view on environmental protection.

She states: “It’s really exciting how passionate he is in green energy and solar power. He’s always trying to find solutions to these problems and really innovating people at these levels. I would like to support you.

“I remember he sent me his documentary when we first met, because we two are really interested in this one issue, but focus on it. Because the fields we are focusing on are different. “

Zooey Deschanel finds dating difficult for stars | Celebrities

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