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 August 13

by Carolina

Zoe Kravitz has lost sight of the number of tattoos she has.

The 32-year-old actress is reported to have 56 inks all over her body, but the total number cannot be confirmed or denied because the actual number of inks is unknown.

Zoe said he considers his tattoos to be “beautifully shaped ornaments.” She’s not a fan of all inks, but she’s crazy about getting more.

She states: “I think tattoos, like makeup and jewelry, are beautifully shaped ornaments. It’s interesting because I don’t know how many I have. I’m so used to them that I can’t see them anymore. Few. There are some things I like more than others. I’ve removed some, but I’m planning to get more tattoos. Once you get hooked on it, it’s hard to stop. “

The “Big Little Lies” star is the daughter of music legend Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet, teaching her the importance of her parents taking care of her body. He also revealed that he was particularly enthusiastic.

When asked about the lessons her parents taught her, she explained: When you feel good, your body is happy, healthy and well-balanced, your skin looks beautiful. When you feel sick, your skin becomes dehydrated and begins to become rough. Then we tend to use makeup to cover and hide ourselves more. I believe that beauty begins with what is inside and how we care for ourselves. “

Zoe then looked back on her mental health, saying that staying at home had a negative impact on her as the COVID-19 pandemic continued.

She told Instyle magazine:

“Some things become everyday. Because I’m supposed to do make-up. But doing so gives me more confidence and makes me feel like another person. Based on, you can access and highlight different parts of your personality. I think life is really a dress-up game in many ways. Fashion and beauty are self-expression. Playful and fun must.”

Zoe Kravitz: I don’t know how many tattoos | Celebrities

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