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 July 31

by Carolina

In 2009, Andy Cohen released his own late-night talk show Watch What Happens LiveThe live show has Andy as the host as he interviews fellow celebrities and Bravolebrities as they talked about all things pop culture and Bravo. The 30-minute experience became an instant hit with Bravo fans and has been doing strong ever since.

Andy has a plethora of famous faces on his set, including some of his closest friends, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kelly Ripa, and Jeff Lewis. However, a majority of the guests that have appeared are famous because of Bravo. From Nene Leakes to the cast of Vander Pump Rules, Cohen has had a bunch of the same, albeit loved, faces in the hot seat.

10 The Cast Of Southern Charm

Shep, Cam, and Thomas from Southern Charm are on set of WWHL

As soon as Bravo released Southern Charm in 2014, the cast began making appearances on season 11 of WWHL as a group and as individuals. Due to the constant drama surrounding this group (and how friendly Andy is with the men of the cast), the cast of Southern Charm is on WWHL quite a bit.

The cast’s first appearance was on episode 60 before filtering in throughout WHHL‘s current season. Shep Rose seems to be the most likable (and at times, most hated), appearing on the late-night talk show more than his costars.

9 Nene Leakes (RHOA)

Nene Leakes on WWHL multiple seasons

Nene Leakes is a Bravolebrity who doesn’t need much of an introduction as an icon in The Real Housewives of Atlanta fandom. Leakes makes for a great interview because of her honest quotes and dazzling personality. She always spills the tea and speaks the truth, which is why fans can’t get enough of her.

Leakes made her two appearances in season 1 of WHHL and has since been on every single season  (except for season 7) leading up to season 18. Nene was on WWHL four times in season 11 alone. Sadly, Nene Leakes had a falling out with Andy Cohen and Bravo and has not made an appearance in season 18.

8 The Cast Of Vanderpump Rules

The cast of Vanderpump Rules on different episodes of WWHL

In season 9 of WWHL, Andy had some of the key players from Bravo’s newest show at the time, Vanderpump Rules, come on as guests. As a spinoff of RHOBHVanderpump Rules became an instant success because it was a connection to Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant while also showing the complexities of this friend group.

The OG castmates have been on WWHL since season 9, and their appearances on the show have only grown. Sometimes Andy has the group on as a whole, as a pairing, as couples, or loners with another Bravolebrity guest.

7 Kandi Burruss (RHOA)

Kandi Burruss on different episodes of WWHl

Kandi Burruss has been an important part of RHOA since her first season in season 2. Although she wasn’t part of the OG season of RHOA, Kandi is still an icon. She has been a part of every monumental moment in the franchise and shares her thoughts on WWHL.

The singer has been on the late-night talk show over 30 times and appearing five times in season 15. Because of her knowledge of the music industry and her connection to other celebrities, Kandi makes a great guest. Phaedra Parks and Cynthia Bailey are fellow castmates who have also been on a bunch.

6 Bethenny Frankel (RHONY)

Bethenny Frankel on different episodes of WWHL

Bethenny Frankel’s raw points of view make her a fantastic guest on WWHL. Frankel never holds back and always speaks her truth. On RHONY, Bethenny has had as many fights as she’s had laughs. The beauty of her time on the show was her connection to the other ladies. But as they say, all good things come to an end. Bethenny has been in and out of the RHONY seat for years but she still makes appearances on WWHL. She has been making appearances since season 2 and has been on consecutively from season 10 to season 17!

5 Tamra (RHOC)

Tamra Judge on different episodes of WWHL

It’s hard to believe that Tamra Judge didn’t enter The Real Housewives franchise until season 3 because she has been the backbone of many episodes until she left in season 14. Tamra has had some of the craziest moments in the series. From divorces to weddings to family and friend mattes — Tamra showed it all.

Tamara follows suit as a guest on WWHL. In season 13, Tamra was a guest on WWHL three times and continues to pop up here and there as a guest, even though she’s no longer a part of the franchise.

4 Sonja Morgan (RHONY)

Sonja Morgan on different episodes of WWHL

Sonja Morgan is the gift that keeps on giving for RHONY fans. It’s hard to imagine a time when she wasn’t on the show making everyone laugh with her hilarious one-liners. But it’s not just RHONY fans who adore “Sonjarita,” it’s Andy Cohen too.

Andy loves having Sonja on his show because she gets along with everyone. She’s also lived an incredible life and has no qualms with sharing every ounce of it on stage. Season 13 of WWHL was a big one for Sonja because she appeared five times!

3 Kim Zolciak-Biermann (RHOA)

Kim Z-Biermann as a guest on WWHL

Kim Zolciak-Biermann was an original member of RHOA and was one of the most likable members of the cast. But by the time season 5 rolled around, things had changed for Kim. She began fighting with her castmates and wanted to focus on her new relationship with Kroy Biermann than on the show. Kim did come back as a guest in season 9, but it didn’t last long.

Due to the fans’ love of Kim, she got her own spinoff and made appearances on WWHL. She was a guest on the talk show in most seasons, popping up three times in seasons 11 and 13.

2 Kyle Richards (RHOBH)

Kyle Richards on different episodes of RHOBH

Kyle Richards has been an important member of RHOBH for the past 11 years. As an OG Housewife, she doesn’t get enough credit for everything she’s been through while on camera. From the iconic “Dinner Party from Hell” to her fallout with Lisa Vanderpump — she’s done it all. Nevertheless, Bravo shows its love for her by having her on WWHL. Richards has been on the show since season 3, and has made consecutive appearances from seasons 8 to 18!

1 Ramona (RHONY)

Ramona Singer on different eisodes of RHONY

Much like the other ladies on this list, Ramona Singer is another Housewife that has appeared on WWHL the most. From season 2 onward, Ramona and Andy have had a longstanding relationship. With both of them living in New York, she’s an easy guest to have in the hot seat. Since season 11, Ramona has been on every season of WWHL multiple times, sharing her take on the season and views on all things Bravo.

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