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 November 24

by Carolina

Howard Stern fans are well aware that he and his second wife Beth are massive reality show fans. Throughout their 20-plus year relationship, the two have bonded over everything Bachelor (he’s a self-described member of Bachelor-nation) and Real Housewives. Of course, Howard and Beth Stern adore some obscure reality shows, ones that usually make his Stern Show co-host, Robin Quivers, as well as half of his massive radio audience, cringe. But Howard doesn’t care. He’s all in on the genre, even if it’s to hate-watch it. But there’s one reality show that Howard isn’t a fan of, and that’s the Big Brother franchise.

As it turns out, just recently, Beth Stern received an offer to be one of the celebrity contestants on Celebrity Big Brother. Of course, Beth isn’t just famous for being Howard Stern’s wife and longest relationship. She was also an actor and a model. But most notably, she is an extremely popular and effective philanthropist. Specifically, Beth (along with Howard) adopts stray cats out of her home and helps run Bianca’s Fury Friends, a branch of the North Shore Animal League. Additionally, she is an author who has given all of her proceeds away to the hospital. The woman is nothing short of caring when it comes to animals. And she’s built a decent following on Instagram because of it. Starring on Celebrity Big Brother could bring even more awareness to what she’s doing. But Beth refused. Here’s why…

Howard Stern Was Not Happy About His Wife Beth Being Offered Celebrity Big Brother

On the November 17, 2021, episode of The Howard Stern Show, the legendary radio host revealed that his wife Beth had just been offered a spot on the new season of Celebrity Big Brother. While one could be honored to be asked to be part of something like this, others would be straight-up insulted. After all, it’s not that reality shows like Celebrity Big Brother actually attract notable stars. Howard definitely fell into the latter category in terms of his reaction to his wife getting a formal offer from the show.

“[Beth] emailed me – she forwarded me – she got an offer to be on Celebrity Big Brother. Hosted by Julie Chen, now Julie Chen-Moonves. I got so angry when I read this thing. I found it insulting,” Howard admitted to Robin and his audience. “Like I said to Beth, ‘Man, they only send this letter to losers.’ Like, you think my wife is such a loser that she’s going to be on Celebrity Big Brother?”

Howard admitted that he didn’t like what the offer said about Beth and simultaneously how her taking part in the reality show would affect his life. After all, he can barely stand to be apart from Beth, so her being locked up in a house with a bunch of C-list celebrities would not be something he would enjoy.

“If I was married to someone who wanted to be on Celebrity Big Brother, I’d get a divorce. I would.”

“You’re recorded 24/7 no matter what. And people will find anything about you to — you say one wrong thing and it’s on the internet immediately,” Howard’s staffer JD Harmeyer explained to his boss on air.

On top of this, Howard found the list of ‘celebrities’ who have appeared on the previous two seasons of Celebrity Big Brother to be laughable.

“Even Beth said to me, ‘I’m not a celebrity. My husband’s a celebrity’. And I said, ‘Well, yeah, that’s how lame that show is’,” Howard said. “‘There’s Beth Stern, Howard Stern’s wife.’ Like you got to feel like s*** if you go on that show and they got to explain who you are.”

On top of this, both Howard and Beth were insulted by the pay scale that was offered. Howard revealed that all the contestants are offered the same amount and then get a bump for how long they stay on the show. They then get a little more of a bump if they win. But it wasn’t impressive, according to Howard.

Howard Hates Les Moonves And His Wife Is The Host Of Celebrity Big Brother

It’s no secret that one of Howard’s biggest enemies throughout his career has been the now-disgraced CBS head, Les Moonves. While Howard kept things pleasant with Les after leaving the CBS-owned radio station and moving to satellite, he admitted that he was thrilled when Les was outed in the #MeToo Movement. He also publicly mocked Julie Chen who did everything to publicly take her husband’s side regardless of the copious sexual misconduct allegations hurled at him. Julie even adopted his last name immediately after she quit The Talk to support her husband.

“Could you imagine Julie Chen sitting there with Beth? I think Julie Chen should be in that f***ing house and I’ll host. Get Les and Julie in there,” Howard said.

In no way shape or form, does Howard or Beth want to support Les Moonves. And Beth going on his wife’s show would be doing just that, in Howard’s mind.

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