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Ah, celebrities putting their blood into things: a tale as old as time. Wait, what? Yes, it appears celebrities are absolutely obsessed with removing vital fluids from their bodies and putting them into products.

The most recent offender is Tony Hawk, who donated his own blood to a limited-edition skateboard sold by a canned water brand called Liquid Death, for which he is apparently an ambassador. A video posted by the brand (again, called Liquid Death) shows Hawk sitting down to have his blood drawn, mixed into red paint, and painted onto a skateboard deck. The resulting board, which is already sold out on Liquid Death’s website, affirms that it is indeed “infused with 100% real Tony Hawk.”

The collaboration is apparently inspired by a 1977 Marvel comic starring Kiss, which was printed with ink containing the band’s blood. So this is, I guess, a hallowed tradition in the world of avid fandom? Fine.

But celebrities have long been transfixed by blood, most commonly their own or that of a romantic partner. Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie famously wore vials of each other’s blood during their early-aughts romance, and Machine Gun Kelly revealed just this year that his girlfriend and high-school crush Megan Fox left him a similar drop of her blood for him to wear when she went to Bulgaria.

You may also recall talk of blood in sneakers (?) back in March, when Lil Nas X infused human blood into a Nike rip-off for a Satan-themed album-promo stunt. The rapper refrained from donating his own vital fluids, and the blood was instead provided by the members of the “art collective” that manufactured the shoes, MSCHF. At the time, a spokesperson for MSCHF said, “We love to sacrifice for our art.”

While I understand the gothic appeal of all this blood paraphernalia, the question of why remains unanswered. On the one hand, people apparently go nuts for it — Lil Nas X’s sneakers (of which there were 666) sold out in under a minute. On the other, I’m concerned about wearing any of these items near the ocean. Maybe it has something to do with sorcery??

Why Are Celebrities So Obsessed With Their Own Blood?