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 February 12

by Carolina

Derek Ting

A film director, producer, and writer originally from New York, now based in Hong Kong, Derek strives to challenge himself in everything he does. He’s written and produced several feature films: $upercapitalist shot in Hong Kong, New York, released internationally in 2012 with millions of views; Always, a romance drama shot in Hong Kong and Shanghai released globally this 2016, and has a 8.5 rating in China on qq with 500K+ views, and “Agent”, a science fiction action thriller, released this 2017, entirely in California that explores the origins of the Pyramids, Stone Henge, and the Great Wall as well as Alien conspiracies. Recently, he wrote and directed a science fiction short film, “Lucid”, about the possible future use of “virtual reality” as a way to reconstruct memories. He’s the creative director for Random Art Workshop Media with Joyce Yung a prominent photographer and producer, and he directs lifestyle branding videos, corporate and music videos, and has had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest stars and brands in entertainment, both in Asia, and North America. He loves to travel, play sports, and exercise. He’s a former CNN Producer, ex-Doubleclicker(now Google), Mercer consultant, and Cornell University graduate.

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