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 July 15

by Carolina

In her attempts to force the termination of the strict legal arrangement controlling her life and career, Britney Spears has enlisted the help of a high-powered Hollywood lawyer. Mathew Rosengart, 58, was confirmed as the singer’s new representative on Wednesday, attending the latest hearing in Los Angeles.

He replaces Samuel Ingham, the man appointed by the court in 2008 to serve Spears but who she criticised in June for not doing enough to help her end the conservatorship. Rosengart is expected to step up her attempts to do so and signalled his intentions to file the required paperwork.

A former federal prosecutor, his A-list clients include Steven Spielberg, actor Sean Penn and director Kenneth Lonergan.

Rosengart helped Penn win a defamation case against film-maker Lee Daniels, producing an affidavit from Madonna, the actor’s ex-wife, that refuted the director’s assertions, the New York Times reports.

Penn released a statement earlier this week, praising the lawyer as a “tough as nails streetfighter with a big brain and bigger principles”.

Rosengart was previously an assistant states attorney at the US Department of Justice, after which he worked as a white-collar defence attorney, according to the New York Times.

In his first hearing as Spears’s lawyer, he argued why she should be allowed to choose her own representation, telling the court it was “a constitutional right”.

He told the judge his new client’s “powerful, compelling, honest” testimony from last month proved she was “more than capable of hiring her own counsel”. “This is not working,” he said. “We know that.”

Outside the courthouse, Rosengart said of Spears’ father, who he called on to resign, “The question remains, why is he involved?”

The Los Angeles Business Journal described Rosengart as the “go-to litigator for Hollywood’s elite and Corporate America”.

His arrival is expected to signal a more aggressive approach to ending the conservatorship.

Original posted at www.theguardian.com

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