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 June 27

by Carolina

When Did Kermit the Frog Become a Celebrity?

Michael Becker/FOX

A new version of “Rainbow Connection,” Kermit the Frog’s classic 1979 hit from The Muppet Movie, has been revived with superstar Barbra Streisand. Kermit’s original vocals (voiced by Jim Hensen) have been paired with Streisand’s earlier recording. The song is featured on Release me 2, the second volume of rare and previously unreleased tracks by Streisand. I’m still trying to figure out why Kermit was featured on the special release album.

Kermit the Frog’s Celebrity Status

Streisand told Entertainment Weekly: “The opportunity to duet with a legend like Kermit was irresistible. I think of him as ageless and ever-GREEN!” 

Kermit the Frog, along with the rest of the muppet gang, has apparently become a legend. The group has certainly been ingrained over generations as iconic characters. Our favorite frog is no stranger to the limelight and has interacted with many celebrities over the years.

The famous amphibian has hosted The Tonight Show,  been featured on Saturday Night Live, and worked with fashion designers. He even has a U.S. postage stamp and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Even the interest surrounding his decades-long romance with fellow muppet Miss Piggy is still a hot topic. (Make up, break up, those two, I mean really).

The point is that Kermit the Frog has evolved way past the cute puppet we all grew up watching. He is a full blown celebrity! 

Kermit’s Role on ‘The Masked Singer’

Kermit is also no stranger to talent shows. The A-lister performed “Rainbow Connection” on American Idol with Maddie Poppe in 2018. Recently, Kermit appeared on The Masked Singer. The world’s most famous frog’s reveal was the first time ever a non-human was featured on the show. He also, hilariously, wasn’t the first to be eliminated, beating out Caitlyn Jenner.   

A duet with Streisand and a reveal on The Masked Singer are just the latest ways Kermit has proven his star power.  The possibilities are endless for our favorite celebrity frog. There really isn’t much Kermit can’t do. I can’t wait to witness the next iconic moment he has in store for us all.    


Catherine DiMeglio

Catherine DiMeglio

Catherine Di Meglio is a content writer and YouTube host at talent recap. With a love of all things entertainment, she earned her Master’s degree in media management from Wagner College in 2021. Catherine is a New York City girl who has many passions including beauty and fashion, photography, traveling, and making memories with loved ones.

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