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 November 15

by Carolina

IN a one-night-only concert on November 14, Adele took the stage to promote her new album, 30, but there was a surprise twist in store for the audience and people watching at home.

Adele’s album will be released on November 19, and fans are calling it her “divorce album.”

Adele performed a one-night-only show at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles


Adele performed a one-night-only show at the Griffith Observatory in Los AngelesCredit: Getty

What happened at Adele’s concert?

In a major plot twist, at Adele’s one-night-only concert, she told the audience of celebrities to not make a sound as a man named Quentin stepped onto the stage.

The show was a setup so Quentin could propose to his longtime girlfriend, Ashley, in front of A-list celebrities.

He walked his soon-to-be fiancé onto the stage wearing a blindfold and noise-canceling headphones for the big reveal before quickly dropping to one knee.

“I want to thank you for being so patient with me,” Quentin told Ashley during the proposal.

“I am extremely proud of you. And, I mean, every day you blow my mind.

“There’s absolutely nothing that you cannot do. And I just know that you’re going to be an amazing mother to our kids one day.”

Ashley’s immediate response was, “Is this real? Thank God you didn’t let me eat. I would have thrown up.”

After she said “yes,” Adele stepped on stage and told the couple to sit in the front row where Melissa McCarthy was waiting with two glasses of champagne.

Adele then serenaded the couple with the song, Make You Feel My Love.

A man proposed on stage during the Adele one-night-only concert


A man proposed on stage during the Adele one-night-only concertCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Who attended Adele’s one-night-only concert?

Adele fans watched her one-night-only concert from home as die-hard Adele fans, A-listers attended her concert.

Also in attendance was Adele’s boyfriend, Paul Rich. Paul is a sports agent and Adele confirmed they were dating in October 2021.

Adele’s son, Angelo Adkins, attended the concert and Adele said it was his first time seeing her perform.

Where was the Adele concert held?

Adele’s heavily promoted one-night-only concert was held at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles on November 14.

The Grammy Award-winning singer promoted her new album, 30, which is set to be released on November 19, 2021.

The concert was Adele’s first since 2015 when she performed Adele: Live in New York City. In her one-night-only concert, Adele performed four songs Easy on Me, I Drink Wine, Hold On, and Love Is a Game from her newest album.

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