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 July 23

by Carolina

Renée Zellweger


Renée Zellweger poses at the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards.

Academy Award-winning actress Renée Zellweger, 52, is believed to be in a relationship with car designer Ant Anstead, 42. In June, TMZ reported that the pair was introduced to each other during the production “of [Anstead’s] new Discovery+ series ‘Celebrity IOU Joyride.’” The show has a nearly identical format to “Celebrity IOU,” which focuses on Hollywood stars remodeling their family and friend’s houses with the assistance of famed home renovators Jonathan and Drew Scott. In this series, however, celebrities fix up their choice of recipient’s car.

According to E! News, the show’s trailer, which was released on July 19, showed numerous celebrities working hard while on the show. For instance, Academy Award-winning actress Octavia Spencer attempted to break a car window, and “From Dusk till Dawn” actor Danny Trejo appeared to look under a car’s hood. The trailer also includes moments of Anstead and Zellweger interacting. In one instance, Anstead explained to the “Bridget Jones Diary” star that he and fellow host Cristy Lee are “car people.” He then stated that he feels that “there’s no greater gift than to gift someone who is also a car person.” Zellweger is then seen driving what appears to be a vintage car, causing an alarmed Anstead to yell “stop” a few times.

E! News reported that the “Cold Mountain” star decided to help two siblings named Jerome and Jerald, as they were the late publicist Nanci Ryder’s caretakers. The show’s press release revealed that “Renée was so impressed and touched by the meticulous care the brothers took of Nanci while she struggled with [ALS] that she enlists the help of Ant and Cristy [Lee] to give the brothers the type of car that they would never get for themselves.”

A Source Informed People Magazine That the Pair Share Commonalities

In July,  People Magazine reported that an insider asserted Zellweger and Anstead, who recently divorced “Christina on the Coast” star Christina Haack, share commonalities. 

“Sometimes two people just meet and click, and the timing is right. Renée is creative…and often goes for guys who think out of the box. She’s smart, thoughtful and always looking to expand horizons and nurture those around her,” explained the insider. 

The source also noted that Zellweger and the father-of-three “are private and dislike public scrutiny, so they have that in common.” 

“He’s a creative guy with lots of interests, and she likes to write and produce, so they have things to talk about when together,” stated the source.

Us Weekly Reported That the Couple May Be Cohabitating

According to US Weekly, the couple is committed to each other. An insider informed the publication that the pair may be cohabitating. 

“Renée is already moving things into Ant’s house. He adores her and makes her feel safe,” said the source. 

The source also noted that the actress has interacted with his and Haack’s son, Hudson London, who will be turning 2 in September.  

“Renée has met his youngest and [he] loves her too. Renée is so great with kids and it warms Ant’s heart to see her be so good with [him],” said the insider.

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