Desus and Mero have very little love for Saweetie’s newly announced McDonald’s meal. While the actual menu items seem normal and acceptable (curious about the “Saweetie ‘N Sour” sauce), the ad D&M showed Sunday night depicted restacked and rearranged Mickey D’s classics: chicken nuggets on a pile of fries, ketchup on top of the bun. Wild shit. “These aren’t really concoctions,” Desus Nice said. “There are just things that are gonna get you tweeted about after a date. Fellas, if she’s putting ketchup on the top of a Big Mac bun, RUN.

What would Desus and Mero serve up if they were given the keys to the golden arched kingdom? Mero would do a Big Mac with chicken patties instead of burgers, and Desus would have a KFC Double Down-esque monstrosity: Filet O’Fishes as the buns, six burger patties inside, five pieces of cheese, and “mad pickles.” The most upsetting surf ‘n’ turf you’ve ever had.

Watch Desus and Mero Design Their Celebrity McDonald’s Meals