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 September 16

by Carolina

VOGUE Williams has said she “knows things” about certain celebrities’ private parts.

The Irish model and her hubby Spencer Matthews got into a deep discussion about Leonardo DiCaprio’s southern region on their podcast this week.

The Irish model Vogue Williams


The Irish model Vogue WilliamsCredit: Vogue Williams Instagram

Vogue and Spencer have been together for four years


Vogue and Spencer have been together for four yearsCredit: Vogue Williams Instagram

The Made in Chelsea star used Leo’s line in the Wolf of Wall Street to sell a pen and Vogue replied: “If Leonardo Di Caprio wanted to sell me something, I’d buy it.”

She added: “I wouldn’t really be into him anymore.”

Spencer told Vogue: “He’s got a huge wine collection.”

Vogue replies: “Oh I thought you were going to say something else.”

The model said: “Actually you don’t hear much about his w***y.

“I’ve actually never heard any salacious gossip about his w***y.

Spencer rhetorically asked if has she heard things about anyone else’s.

To which Vogue replied: “Yeah I know things about certain celeb w*****s.”


The couple are currently on their holidays in the South of France this week.

Spencer had to fly over with their kids Theodore and Gigi a day before Vogue joined them.

Spencer complained to Vogue about having to bring all the luggage and the kids on his own.

Vogue told him: “You think you deserve a medal Spen, I’ve gone back to Ireland a couple of times completely on my own as well, and have organised everything. You’re not getting any sympathy off me.”

Spencer moaned about one of the bags being 44 kilos.

The 35-year-old said: “I don’t feel guilty about what I packed because I know I have everything in there for the kids.”


Unfortunately, the weather has taken a turn for the worst as soon as Vogue has joined her family in France.

The presenter shared a video on her Instagram story of it lashing raining and wrote: “That’s what I get being too smug on my holliers.”

She said sarcastically: “I’d hate to be in England… awh gross.”

Other than the downpour, Vogue looks to be having a great time and has shared snippets of the beautiful scenery on her Instagram.

Vogue looking stunning modelling her swimsuit


Vogue looking stunning modelling her swimsuitCredit: Vogue Williams Instagram

Original posted at www.thesun.ie

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