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 September 23

by Carolina

Vanessa Hudgens took a zoom pole dance lesson during the blockade.

The 32-year-old actress admitted that she turned to “multiple hobbies” to spend time in the coronavirus pandemic, but “the toughest” was her online dance class. She fell apart and was bruised.

She said, “I had multiple hobbies. I was definitely devoted to multiple things. At some point I got a pole and took zoom lessons and pole dance. This was hard. There were a lot of bruises, but it wasn’t a joke.

“I ate, ate a lot, made a lot of anklets, necklaces and bracelets. Certainly I was devoted to some art, a little painting and coloring, a lot of music and a lot of movies and TV.”

The “High School Musical” actress met her boyfriend Cole Tucker in a pandemic zoom meditation class. She acknowledges the fact that both are “eccentrics” as to why they work so well.

She tells “Entertainment Tonight”:

Vanessa was also busy working on her first animated film role as Sunny in “My Little Pony: The New Generation,” and she had a great experience recording her own lines.

She states: “It was very nice. I’m a cozy and spacious person, so I’m cozy all day at work and love to dig into this character and this story. And that’s great. Story, it’s a very nice character. So I loved it every minute.

“I was very excited. I think they were a little surprised at how excited I was.”

Vanessa recently described her new beauty as “perfect” for her, arguing that she prioritized “continuing to thank everything.”

She said: “He’s perfect for me. I’m [happy].. I’m really ~

“I think it’s also very important to continue to be grateful for everything you have in your life.

“I’ve prioritized it, and it feels like it’s causing more and more magic.”

Vanessa Hudgens Held Zoom Pole Dance Class | Celebrities

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