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 July 31

by Carolina

Looking back on the early pandemic era, it’s probably Dakota Johnson Hollywood Home Architecture Digest Video Tour It pushed me into a YouTube hole on a celebrity home tour.

Like many millennials, my Instagram feed is always flooded with ambitious content from sites such as design files. And the flow of influencers in uniform pastel colors. But a whimsical sitting in a rented single-bedroom apartment with a partner and a cat, the Fifty Shades of Gray Star filled a gracefully decorated mid-century Hollywood home and kitchen with an unreasonable amount of lime. Tour (“I love limes, they are great and I like to present them in my house this way,” she explained)

YouTube era, the successor to MTV’s Crib, Just a few of the channels similar to Architectural Digest’s Open Door series aim to infuse the noble pretense of design concern into the concept car accident voyeur. But of course, much of the attraction lies in goking. Lenny Kravitz in denim runs on a horse and welcomes you to him. Vast Brazilian farms and villas..It’s an exotic taxidermy zoo Ditafonties Tudor House-It became the Goth Burlesque Museum.

Watch over as Cara Delevingne confused Show off “vaginal tunnel” It connects the two rooms of her terribly uncomfortable “adult playhouse.”Tennis champion in the trophy room adjacent to Serena Williams’ in-house art gallery Subtly sift a mismatched silverware-like Grand Slam plate or cup.. Since then, YouTuber, who has been accused of endangering friends with content, is waving a flamethrower in the living room. Meanwhile, a house producer I’ve never heard of points out indoor trees that his entire $ 16 million LA compound is being built. “Unfortunately, it’s dying,” he added...

At other times, there is a loving tension between all the excesses on display and the more universal nature of family life.On a tour of Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan’s Hamptons Summerhouse-somehow bland and flashy remodeled windmills at the same time-we are dominated by the actions of his cat even in Iron Man’s family life Learn that I laminated a homemade warning saying “Don’t put out a cat !!”. Posted on all doors.Hilary Duff points out the cabinet in which she is Hidden all her child’s junk Prior to AD’s visit, Mark Ronson admits to pushing his self-help book “In a place no one can see”..

Susan Downey doesn’t want the cat to be thrown out. Photo: Architectural Digest / YouTube

In my personal favorites, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard lovingly stabbed their ginger rescue cat into the camera (“It’s really the only way to keep a pet”) and Seriously guess how many people their huge sofa protects in an emergency.. A non-charitable follow-up question looks like this: How many people could have lived in the four-story Brooklyn brownstone in the past with less gentrification?

Fortunately, Liv Tyler offers the answer when floating in the air in a West Village home. Digging out an elf sword From her cash of unopened Tolkien merchandise.

But as YouTube’s algorithms continue to provide mansion, villa, and warehouse renovations, hypnotic uniformity emerges. Celebrity After celebrities first proudly pointed out the exposed wooden beams that made them fall in love with the house. The same kitchen, with green wood cabinets and vast marble countertops, is blurred into one as well as a tiled steam shower in the subway, a bedroom converted into a sneaker closet, and a huge crystal collection (as well as a huge crystal collection). “People tend to give crystals as gifts in LA,” says Johnson (in her episode).

Architectural Digest Open Home Series Kendall Jenner
A neon sign with a quirky message is a young celebrity IKEA bookshelf. I’m Kendall Jenner, who worked on Tracey Emin’s work. Photo: Architectural Digest / YouTube

Just as every share house I visited in my twenties had the same IKEA bookshelf, every famous young man today has a quirky message that even pink is a perfect expression of its personality. It seems that the neon sign was decided independently Tracey Emin artwork mounted in Kendall Jenner’s bedroom It begins to resemble the millennial “Live, Laugh, Love” wall hangings.

It turns out that many celebrities, or their team of designers, are swimming in the same curated white, beige, and terracotta inspo aesthetic feedback loops as magazine readers. “I’ve been waiting for this day for the rest of my life,” says Troye Sivan, who opens his gate. Perfectly Instagram-friendly Melbourne home.. “I spend a lot of time on Pinterest … and a lot of ArchDigest pins.” Jessica Alba admits in her $ 10 million mansion.

Perhaps this is why the Dakota Johnson episode represents the pinnacle of the genre and inspired the wave of memes and TikTok parody. Johnson reaffirmed in January, conveying the fun of knowledge of all its ingenuity and unreality. She admitted to Jimmy Fallon Lime is all a lie and was styled by the magazine to complement her twist in the green kitchen. lime”.

Vaginal Tunnel and Sneaker Closet: Celebrity Home Tour Escapee Charms | Celebrities

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