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 July 3

by Carolina

Tyler Posey has emerged as sexually mobile.

The 29-year-old “Teen Wolf” star praised her girlfriend Fem for helping her understand that she was “under a strange umbrella,” and their relationship is that he’s ever been. And say it’s the best.

He told NME: “I was with everyone in the sun, and now I have the best relationship I have ever had with a woman, and she is also strange.

“I think she helped me understand that I was under a strange umbrella and sexually fluid. No, not” I guess “, but to anyone. I don’t want to drink this [interview] And it looks like this: “Well, he was a little mean about it.”

Tyler joined the content subscription service OnlyFans in September, and he and Bella Thorne say they joined to “extend the platform” beyond adult content.

However, he admitted that many of the subscribers wanted clearer content than he wanted to offer.

He said, “They were like’I want a video of you sucking your toes’or’I want a video of you cramping’. It really made me feel like an object.”[I’m] Obviously not a sex worker, I don’t want to rob a sex worker of anything.

“I want to not only post naked photos, but also give me insights into my life that I wouldn’t do anywhere else.

“I love where OnlyFans are now. But other parts hurt me in a way. If it’s so sexual to me, you know, I tell people they It feels bad not to give what he wants. “

Tyler Posey comes out as sexually mobile | Celebrities

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