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 March 22

by Carolina

Popular microblogging and social media platform Twitter has now been increasingly in the news and not necessarily for the right reasons. In its latest tirade, Twitter has been accused of increasing its controls and frequently harassing celebrities.

After former US President Donald Trump was recently removed from the social networking website for ‘violating’ restrictions, both support and opposition mounted in a heated debate. And in a similar fashion, Twitter accounts of some celebrities have also been disabled and the company has firmly stood by its decision, while at the same time justified its actions by calling those celebrities’ posts provocative and violating its community standards.

To shed more light on this, Twitter is conducting a poll among its users from March 19 to April 11. The administration poll plans to ask users whether celebrities need restrictions, just as citizens have, in order to post comments on Twitter. Twitter administration expects celebrities to espouse social responsibility while posting or sharing their thoughts on their platform, given the fact that the reach and influence they wield are enormous.

Twitter’s double standards

Jack Dorsey in his blog post recently, who is the founder of Twitter, which is engaged in a legal battle with the Turkey government over a controversial internet law no 5651 which they suggest restricts user freedom, said:

“Twitter was founded on freedom of expression, and we respect people’s universal right to express their views online. We have a designated human rights function at Twitter and hold our processes, product, and policies accountable — we have and will, as always, enforce our rules impartially and judiciously.”

Twitter mulls new time-bound ‘undo tweet’ feature

Twitter recently announced an ‘undo tweet’ feature for paid users in the form of a progress bar indicating how much time they have before they can undo the tweet. Amidst the continuous demands of users to provide an option to edit tweets, the social networking site is working on the ‘undo tweet’ feature, which will also include some paid subscription services.

Original posted at www.republicworld.com

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