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 November 10

by Carolina

TV celebrity, author, model, inluencer, fitness advisor and wellness guru Angie Best has had a successful painless procedure at the UK’s largest vein clinic, Veincentre earlier this month to eradicate threadveins in her leg.

TV celebrity Angie Best checks in to Oxford Veincentre

Image Credit: Veincentre

Angie was treated by the Deputy Medical Director Mark Bratby who was able to identify the cause of Angie’s threadveins intantly and using non ivasive techniques remove them so that she could walk out of the clinic after her one hour appointment.

Angie said: “Dr Mark was extremely accommodating and made me feel relaxed and at ease from start to finish, thankfully my threadveins were not painful but I was keen to get rid of them as they were unsightly.  Every Wednesday I run a “Wellness Wednesday” Intstagram live where I talk to all my followers about topics such as menopause, healthy eating and general wellbeing tips so it’s been fantastic that I’ve also been able to share this journey with them also.”

Threadveins and varicose veins are very common and yet rarely talked about so we’re delighted that Angie is happy to share her story.  This isn’t a condition that should be hidden as thanks to the wonders of medicine is now very treatable.  As a business we are the only clinic in the UK that specializes entirely on veins.  We pride ourselves on our transparency when it comes to pricing too in the hope that vein treatments are affordable and accessible to as many people as possible.”

Dr Mark Bratby, Deputy Medical Director

Veincentre is a specialist medical centre for the treatment of varicose veins using Gold Standard minimally invasive techniques. Their vision is to provide the highest quality of care at a reasonable price utilizing the most effective evidence-based treatments.

Original posted at www.news-medical.net

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