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 January 18

by Carolina

I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! contestant Toni Pearen is not happy that there are two new members joining them in the jungle.

On Monday night’s episode, former Gogglebox stars Adam and Symon received a very frosty reception when they entered the I’m A Celeb camp.

“Colin… I can’t do it anymore,” Toni cried to celebrity chef Colin Fassnidge.

The My Kitchen Rules star jumped up to comfort the actress, lying down in her bed with her.

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“I can’t handle any more people,” she continued.

She later explained her dramatic reaction to camera: “We’re all exhausted, we’re depleted, we haven’t been eating properly. We are empty. The only thing that is filling us is each other.”

People weren’t loving Toni’s response on Twitter.

“I think it all just got a bit too much, seeing two new faces with red shirts on… what’s going on! This is my worst nightmare,” explained Toni.

“We’ve got these two new people who haven’t lived it like we’ve lived it.”

Former AFL star “Dipper” DiPierdomenico, radio host Jess Eva and Colin later wondered if the newbies had their own agenda for entering the show so late.

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“I reckon they’re up to something,” said Dipper.

“It’s not cool,” Colin agreed. “We’re in elimination time and two come in.”

“Our little space has been invaded,” Toni told Colin, upset that the new members are sleeping in their area.

As soon as the Adam and Symon entered the camp, Colin expressed his annoyance out loud.

“Not these two idiots,” he said.

A few stars went up to greet the intruders but TV host Grant Denyer, Paulini and Real Housewives of Melbourne star Pettifleur Berenger didn’t even get up from their beds to say hello.

Original posted at www.news.com.au

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