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 May 27

by Carolina

Avril’s Home Was On Samir’s List

Avril Lavigne

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It doesn’t matter how popular a celebrity is, if Samir finds a problem with their decorating, he’s going to drag them. A few of Samir’s targets include: singer Mariah Carey, reality star Kourtney Kardashian, and actress Reese Witherspoon.  Although, these celebs may be talented when it comes to acting and singing, Samir gives them a failing grade when it comes to decorating.

The TikTok user isn’t afraid to voice his opinion when it comes to the celeb’s décor. When reviewing Avril Lavigne’s $7 million Malibu home, Samir compared its look to that of “the public restroom at your local park.” As for makeup guru  Jeffrey Star’s Wyoming ranch, Samir didn’t go too harsh, but did voice his dislike of the toilet paper dispenser’s odd placement in the bathroom.

Original posted at theblast.com

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