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 May 2

by Carolina

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The fashion world is so flooded with designs after designs and it can be really hard to get something that matches you and your style. First, trends are making pretty much all designers design the same thing and this makes it hard for people who want to have a unique look. Yes, this can suck. No, this sucks, but there are a few designers out there who are really doing their best to create authentic designs that people like but at the same time don’t look too boring as to be considered out of trend or outdated. We are going to take about one of these designers today, Tigerlilly Hill. She is a famous and successful celebrity stylist and designer who has gained a huge amount of fans who love and support her work over the years. She was also on VH1’s show Glam God With Vivica Fox where she was among the top 2 finalists. She has a business degree and has also studied clothing manufacturing and these skills have led her to be among the people at the top of the game.

Now that we are talking about designs, have you seen her clothing lines Crown Atelier and Nothing but Net body?! If you haven’t then you should definitely go check them out. They are out of this world. Her blouses from Crown Atelier have gained so much popularity and have been worn by style-savvy celebrities such as Hillary Duff, Taryn Manning, Maria Menounos, Catt Sadler, Carla Gugino, Keira Knightley, and Haley Bennet. The design is out of this world and it is no surprise that people like them. Tigerlilly takes pride not only in celebrities wearing her designs but also in people who are not famous. In one of her interviews, she was quote saying that it is more fulfilling when non-famous people buy her designs because most often celebrities just hop on to something that is on the trend and a lot of time it’s their stylist getting it for them. However, when a non-famous person buys her products she knows that they saw it, loved it, handpicked it, and thought it was a great design and worth buying.

Enough of Crown Atelier, let’s talk about the Nothing But Net Body line. Oh my word, those bikinis are just out of this world. They are inspired by her homeland the Cayman Islands. The main staple for the design is the fishnet. Yes! A freaking fishnet. Now picture your sexy self at the beach wearing swimwear made of net. Too hot to even imagine. She is just so creative, her designs are unique and somehow just become what people like. She doesn’t go with the trends, she sets the trends. She is an amazing, talented, smart designer and we just can’t get enough of her creativity. She deserves all of the fame and success that she has achieved over the years. She keeps on serving us looks and oh boy, we are beyond obsessed with them.

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