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 July 11

by Carolina

Fans have a theory for why celebrities prefer to date other celebs.

Romance in Hollywood is always a point of interest for average people (AKA fans). While some celebrity couples fly under the radar more than others, it’s common for celebs to date one another, adding some level of intrigue to their relationships just by default.

While it’s possible for some “average people” to connect with celebrities on dating apps like Raya, for the most part, famous people date other famous faces. But why? This fan theory has one possible answer.

Fans Say It’s Easy For Celebs To Connect

Dating apps aside, fans say that it’s easy for celebrities to connect because they all float in the same pool of associates. After all, in Hollywood, there are plenty of opportunities for celebrities of all different stripes to meet one another.

And if a celeb has someone in mind that they’d like to connect with, all it takes is their publicist reaching out to the other party’s publicist. Even better, celebrities don’t even have to take potential rejection to their faces — someone can lessen the blow through the chain of communication.

Plus, a lot of celebrities meet one another while working on TV shows or films. Countless couples have connected after playing romantic co-leads on a project, so it seems like dating in Hollywood is pretty easy. Of course, there’s another reason fans think celebs date other celebs.

Celebrities Don’t Trust Average People…

Another reason why fans are pretty sure celebs prefer dating other celebs? Because they probably don’t need a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). After all, someone who happens to get close to a celebrity might want to share about it with their friends… and the world.

But in most cases, if someone has a casual relationship with a celebrity, they have to sign paperwork that states they’ll keep it under wraps (at least, that’s what fans have heard).

In the celebrity world, though, neither half of a potential couple has the same worries. Depending on their level of celebrity, most famous couples have an equal amount to lose if the details of their partnership are publicized, so that ensures a certain level of discretion.

But when a celebrity dates someone who’s not famous, there’s always an underlying concern that the non-famous person might just be seeking fame, rather than an authentic connection.

Of course, celebs can have casual relationships, too, but there’s less at stake when it’s two A-listers, or even an A-lister and B-lister. Then again, proximity can also mean that celebrities might subsequently date one another’s less-famous exes, like the case of Daphne Joy with 50 Cent, Jason Derulo, and even P. Diddy.

Still, most celebs keep their business to themselves, and that’s the whole point of elite A-list relationships, right?

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