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 September 5

by Carolina

Artist Vignesh (Photo | Express)

Artist Vignesh (Photo | Express)

Express News Service

MAYILADUTHURAI: An unforeseen health condition forced him into bed rest for 30 days, and the time he spent on Instagram during the layoff opened a new world of art to him, making him an artist who immediately attracts attention.

Meet Vignesh (30), a diploma holder from Mayiladuthurai, who creates portraits of celebrities using an unlikely resource – sunlight.

Donning a pair of sunglasses, hat, and gloves, Vignesh waits for the sun to show up every morning. Unlike many who wish to avoid harsh sunny days, Vignesh steps out of his house wearing all the accessories, even when the sun’s rays are sharp. Holding a magnifying glass in his hand, Vignesh leans towards a wooden plank kept on top of an easel and starts creating his artwork.

Vignesh’s collection of portraits created using this unique technique. (Photo | Express)

“This is called sunlight wood burning art. Basically, you create art by burning the surface of wood using sunlight and a magnifying glass. By positioning the magnifying glass at particular and various angles,

I burn the top layer of the wood, thereby creating art. Stars from Hollywood to Kollywood stars, and popular politicians are all featured in my artwork,” says Vignesh.

Recalling the most stressful phase of his life, Vignesh says, “I used to work as a service engineer. As I had to travel long distances often and keep standing for several hours a day, I developed a medical condition in 2019, which made it difficult for me to walk. I was forced to remain in bed for at least 30 days, which was mocked by a few.

I happened to watch a video uploaded by Michael Papadakis, a popular sunlight wood burning artist from the US, on his Instagram account, which came as a spark. That was when I decided to try it out myself and initially started creating names using the technique. Over the last couple of years, I have perfected the skill and I am now able to create portraits of celebrities.”

Portraits of actors Vijay, Ajith, and Arya, apart from the cast of popular English series Money Heist, form part of his impressive collection of over 25 portraits along with hundreds of 3D arts and pencil drawings.

Vignesh can be found on social media platforms, including YouTube, Tiktok, Snapchat, and Instagram among others, where he regularly receives praise. His YouTube channel has various time-lapse videos, which display the process of making portraits.

“Someday, I wish to have an exhibition of all my works and also teach this form of art to all those who are interested. My health condition of being bed-ridden transformed my life. Maybe, it might inspire

someone who has been challenged, to rise against odds and create a niche for himself,” Vignesh beams.

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