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 July 14

by Carolina

One celebrity has the same painful health condition as Nick Cannon, but his results were a bit different.

Nick Cannon has been in the news a lot lately for his… unique… choices when it comes to growing his family. But as onlookers have learned, the actions that are earning him the title of “villain” from critics are apparently spurred by Cannon’s concerns over his health and longevity.

Years ago, Nick Cannon admitted that he received a diagnosis of lupus nephritis or lupus kidney disease in 2012. Later that same year, he was hospitalized with a pulmonary embolism, went on 20 or so different medications, and was truly scared about his health and future.

The thing is, Nick isn’t the only celebrity to have dealt with a lupus diagnosis. Selena Gomez famously spoke about her personal life and health issues (and a transplant from her bestie) and battling lupus. Even Lady Gaga had a scare where lupus was suspected as the source of her illness.

But another celebrity has the same condition and, arguably, had a worse outcome.

Heidi Klum’s Ex, Seal, Has Lupus

Sources have confirmed that Seal, AKA Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel, has discoid lupus erythematosus, a variation of lupus. There are differences, of course, but Seal’s specific health condition could lead to systemic lupus, doctors note, depending on how well it’s managed.

In contrast with Cannon’s invisible fight with lupus, Seal’s condition is visible on his face. Discoid lupus creates sores on the face, scalp, and elsewhere on the body, and that’s why Seal has scars, say medical professionals.

Discoid lupus can also cause hair loss plus sensitivity to ultraviolet light, making them susceptible to sun damage. Medical experts say that ten percent of people with discoid lupus will develop systemic lupus, which can lead to additional complications.

Can People Recover From Lupus?

As Nick Cannon explained in his interview about his diagnosis, lupus can be managed with a healthy lifestyle, good diet, and the proper preventative measures and medications. But in other interviews, Nick has expressed fears over not living a long life — likely due to the complications he experienced years ago.

It’s definitely not easy to deal with lupus, as other celebrities (and average people everywhere!) have proven. Selena Gomez, for example, faded from the public eye for quite some time while managing her diagnosis.

That was also prior to her kidney transplant, which suggests that lupus is an ongoing battle that people with the diagnosis have to deal with.

Doctors might agree that people with all types of lupus can live long, healthy lives. And Seal seems to be one example of someone who doesn’t live with the fear of his disease. Nick, on the other hand, has explained he wants to grow his family exponentially partly because of the disease and the fear that he won’t ‘live on’ otherwise.

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