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 October 11

by Carolina

These famous faces don’t need any downtime before they’re on to the next, and we love to see it.

These Celebrities Keep A Job And We Arent Mad At Them

Jobs in Hollywood aren’t always easy to come by.

The entertainment industry often ebbs and flows, leaving entertainers scrambling for their next big role while in-between projects. It’s not unusual to see our favorite stars take a break from the stage or big screen while they work on securing a new role, but some famous faces don’t need any downtime at all before they’re on to the next.

This is understandable, considering the world is facing a looming recession and experts are suggesting we take extra steps to protect ourselves. An August 2022 PwC report featured insights from hundreds of consultants they spoke with about the state of the workforce and the results were surprising. It showed that half of U.S. companies are reducing, or plan to reduce, headcount significantly. This doesn’t exclude the entertainment, since they have been facing pandemic-induced supply chain issues.

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None the less, some celebs know how to keep the jobs flowing and we love to see it for them. Here are a few we’ve noticed are never not working.


Keke Palmer

For more than two decades Keke Palmer has been a consummate professional and consistently added impressive feats to her resume. From her first movie role as a child to her being the youngest person to host her own talk show, the bags just won’t stop. This year alone she co-starred in one of the most buzzed-about movies ‘Nope,’ and recently launched her own digital network.

These Celebrities Keep A Job And We Arent Mad At Them


Niecy Nash

Our forever fave is always on our screens. The former ‘Reno 911’ actress closed out the successful series Claws in February 2022, appeared in the most talked about series on Netflix, Dahmer, and is now starring in her new show ‘The Rookie:Feds’ on HULU.

“I’ve always been employed with at least two jobs at a time, sometimes three,”she said in an interview during the height of the pandemic. “So I know that is the way it has worked for me. Were it not for the COVID, what would I be doing right now? Working.”

These Celebrities Keep A Job And We Arent Mad At Them


Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart has released dozens of movies, comedy specials and other projects that include a podcast, his own comedy network, an expanded production company and a vegan restaurant. “There are no days off,” he said in a 2016 interview with Sharp Magazine. “That’s the one piece of information that I can give you that I think is very important and very valid. I take advantage of every day. I treat them all as just as important as the important ones.”

These Celebrities Keep A Job And We Arent Mad At Them


Samuel L. Jackson

His career has spanned four decades and he’s not slowing down anytime soon. From roles in Marvel films and Star Wars franchises to lending his voice to robotic assistant devices, Sam has always been the man.

These Celebrities Keep A Job And We Arent Mad At Them



This NBA legend refuses to rest on his laurels despite retiring from the court years ago. He’s a prolific businessman, actor, author and even college student. One thing about Shaq, he’s going to go to work.

These Celebrities Keep A Job And We Arent Mad At Them


Dwayne Johnson

Starting out as a star WWE wrestler, The Rock leveraged his charisma into a dynamic acting career years ago and hasn’t looked back since. Nearly every year we see him in a new blockbuster hit (most likely alongside his friend Kevin Hart) raking in millions. But judging by the way he works, you’d think he was making pennies.

These Celebrities Keep A Job And We Arent Mad At Them


Issa Rae

Of course we couldn’t leave our favorite mogul off the list. The actress, producer, record label CEO, beauty brand-owner and perpetual yacht party thrower is one of the hardest working women in Hollywood. Justifiably so, since everything she touches turns to gold.

These Celebrities Keep A Job And We Arent Mad At Them

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