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 July 15

by Carolina

Fenty Beauty, Kylie Cosmetics and Jeffree Star Cosmetics top the list from Cosmetify.


Cosmetify has unveiled a ranking of the most successful beauty brands created by celebrities. Having measured several factors to identify each brand’s success, Cosmetify formulated a score for each, allowing them to reveal which celebrity beauty brands are really worth checking out.


For this study, Cosmetify sourced a list of celebrities who have their own beauty product brands from a range of online blogs and articles. Once collated, they found the revenue of each brand, along with the number of years since it was first launched, the brand’s Instagram following and the number of hashtag mentions that it has on Instagram.


Cosmetify then combined all of these factors together, giving each brand a normalized score out 100 on each factor, before taking an average score that could be used to rank the brands in order of their success.


According to Cosmetify, the most successful celeb beauty brand is Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, with an overall score of 67.15! Since launching in 2017, Fenty Beauty has quickly become one of the biggest names in the beauty industry. Featuring a diverse product range with everything from foundations and concealers, to blushers and bronzers, it’s clear that Rihanna is serious about making her mark on the beauty industry.


Having amassed 10.7 million Instagram followers and 5.06 million mentions on the platform, the brand has also proven highly popular amongst consumers who are always eager to flaunt their Fenty looks. This public popularity is mirrored by equally impressive revenue figures of £404 million ($560 million).


The global reality star Kylie Jenner takes second place with her beauty brand Kylie Cosmetics, which just missed out on the top spot with a score of 67.05. Catapulted to fame by the ever-popular Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kylie’s venture into the world of business has proven a successful gambit, with her company raking in annual revenue of £141 million ($195 million).


Kylie’s background in reality television may have helped her understand how to reach people through different media such as online platforms and social media, which is a real asset when marketing a business. Perhaps this explains how Kylie Cosmetics has managed to accumulate an Instagram following of 25.2 million and counting.


Despite some controversies, Jeffree Star is one of the biggest names on YouTube, whose beauty videos and makeup tutorials earned Jeffree the accolade of being the world’s wealthiest YouTuber. With a background like that, it’s only natural that Jeffree would take the leap into the beauty industry with his very own line of cosmetics.


Founded seven years ago in 2014 with an initial product range of three Velour liquid lipsticks, Jeffree Star Cosmetics has become a huge success. With revenue of £75.5 million ($105 million) and millions of loyal social media followers, this is a beauty brand that is here to stay.


See the full rankings from Cosmetify below:

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