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Tana Mongeau, Nikita Dragun, and Trey Songz are among the celebrities and influencers who partied during the pandemic.

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  • Some influencers and celebrities have flouted guidelines and continued partying during the pandemic.
  • They’ve created a cycle of attending parties, apologizing, and then doing it all again.
  • Insider compiled a list of the notable pandemic partiers of the past year.
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It’s been one year since the news of the COVID-19 pandemic upended lives worldwide. People around the world sought to do their part to “flatten the curve,” or reduce the virus’ transmission rate by adhering to social-distancing and face-covering guidelines.

In the United States, strict lockdowns began in March, as cities like New York and Los Angeles emerged as hotspots for the deadly virus. But as restrictions were slowly lifted, people began to stray from public-health guidelines. Some disregarded them completely

For celebrities and influencers, social gatherings were still a major part of the equation. Throughout the pandemic, many such people who chose to party despite public-health guidelines faced backlash from their followers and fans. Many apologized and then continued partying. 

Insider identified 45 groups or individuals of social-media or mainstream celebrity fame who threw house parties, rented out venues and restaurants for celebrations, or went clubbing during the pandemic. This list includes TikTok stars, such as members of the Hype House, as well as the Kardashians and Cardi B.

Most of the influencers and celebrities referenced in this article did not respond to Insider’s request for comment. 

Tana Mongeau

Tana Mogneau

Tana Mongeau has attended 14 parties over the pandemic.

Rachpoot/MEGA / Getty Images

Reported parties: 14

It seems like YouTuber Tana Mongeau has rarely been seen anywhere but a party in the last few months. Insider counted 14 parties she reportedly attended over the pandemic, but she has also been spotted at many smaller gatherings.

Along with dozens of other influencers, she attended Larri “Larray” Merritt’s birthday party at the Hype House in July, Def Noodles, an influencer watchdog YouTuber and Twitter personality, reported.

She posted an Instagram story the following week with fellow influencer Erika Costell, where they told the camera, “we don’t f—ing care.” Despite later saying the comment referred to historic bad blood between the women (both have dated influencer Jake Paul), many took the message to be an insult towards those who criticized pandemic partying.

Later in July, Mongeau said going to parties and social gatherings during the pandemic was “careless and irresponsible” and she was holding herself accountable.

“Actions like that don’t deserve a platform and I want to fully apologize and be better than this,” she said. “I need to be a better example and person.”

However, it didn’t last. Def Noodles reported seeing Mongeau at parties thrown by Jake Paul for his music video in July. The YouTuber also attended Nikita Dragun’s birthday party, a Hype House party in August that she posted about on her Instagram story, and a club outing with TikTokers Cole Carrigan and Ava Louise — which Louise posted about on her Instagram story.

Other notable maskless events Mongeau appeared to attend included a party with Noah Cyrus and Diplo in September, two parties on Halloween, and a boat party in Miami in December. She also posted about attending a celebration for Jake Paul’s boxing win in November on her Instagram story

The latest party Mongeau appeared to attend was an event in Miami on February 22.

Mongeau’s perpetual cycle of partying, apologizing, and doing it all over again set the tone for how other influencers would continue to behave throughout the pandemic.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner Getty Images 2

Kylie Jenner has both thrown and attended several parties.

Karwai Tang/Getty Images

Reported parties: 12

Kylie Jenner appeared to throw or attend 12 parties during the pandemic.

These included her own birthday party at Nobu and sister Khloe Kardashian’s birthday at her home.

The 23-year-old makeup mogul was also photographed entering Justin and Hailey Bieber’s house party in August. Just Jared reported that she attended photographer Bryant Eslava’s dinner party in September with other social media influencers. Highsnobiety wrote that Jenner attended Cardi B’s Las Vegas birthday party in October, which received backlash for its lack of social distancing and masks, and Jenner appeared to go out clubbing on at least two occasions.

This year, there was a princess-themed 3rd birthday for her daughter Stormi on February 3 that she discussed in a YouTube video. Instagram photos posted by Jenner’s friend Sophia Hutchins showed the party seemingly ignored LA’s stay-at-home order and prohibition of more than three different households mixing indoors.

The party was thrown after several other events attended by Jenner, including Scott Disick’s birthday in May, which Kim Kardashian posted about on Instagram. Kylie also threw a pool party at her house in June, Vulture reported, and attended Tristan Thompson’s 4th of July party, according to People. She also attended her sister Kendall Jenner’s Halloween party, which she posted about on her Instagram story.

The Kardashian-Jenners — most of whom are on this list — have defended their maskless partying lifestyle throughout the pandemic, saying they have gotten rapid tests done before every event. However, rapid testing may only be 32% effective for asymptomatic people, according to a recent study cited by The New York Times.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul boxing

Jake Paul has hosted many parties himself, and thinks the coronavirus is a “hoax.”

Photo by Jake Paul

Reported parties: 12

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul comes in third place for seemingly attending 11 major parties, several of which he hosted himself at the Team 10 mansion in Calabasas.

In July, he had dozens of guests over to his home to film a music video, where maskless influencers swung from heavy machinery, while in August, he hosted a boxing match.

Other parties he threw included a July birthday party, Vulture reported, and two separate parties in Miami — one for his birthday and a boat party.  

Paul was also seen at a Team 10 Halloween party, according to Def Noodles, four other parties at the Team 10 mansion, and a party celebrating his boxing victory, as documented by Tana Mongeau’s Instagram story.

Paul has not apologized for hosting or attending any parties during the pandemic. Rather, he told Insider’s Kat Tenbarge in July: “I personally am not the type of person who’s gonna sit around and not live my life.”

Paul then told the Daily Beast in November he thinks the coronavirus is a hoax. “It’s time for our nation to open up and go back to normal,” he said.

Charli D’Amelio

Charli D'Amelio

Charli D’Amelio.

Kevin Wong / YouTube

Reported parties: 5

Charli D’Amelio, TikTok’s biggest star, attended several parties, despite urging her fans to stay home and not spread COVID-19.

She appeared to attend several birthday parties, including Larri “Larray” Merritt’s party at the Hype House in July, as Insider previously reported; her sister Dixie D’Amelio’s in August, according to Avani Gregg’s Instagram story; and photographer Bryant Eslava’s dinner party in September, according to Just Jared.

She was also present at a party in September, Def Noodles reported, and at fellow TikTok star Addison Rae’s dinner party in October, according to MTV.

Fans said they were disappointed in D’Amelio for repeatedly attending events during the pandemic because she had told her audience in an Instagram Live not to hang out with their friends just because they didn’t have school.

“Please stop being so inconsiderate to others,” she said in the Live. “You are putting other people at risk.”

D’Amelio, her family, and close friends, including Chase Hudson, Noah Beck, and Madi Monroe, were spotted in the Bahamas in December while the coronavirus continued to rapidly spread in their city of LA.

Winnie Harlow

Winnie Harlow

Winnie Harlow.

Rich Fury / Getty Images

Reported parties: 4

Model Winnie Harlow attended the Biebers’ house party, Vanity Fair reported; Kendall Jenner’s Halloween Party, Elle reported; and a Lakers Championship party, according to The Daily Mail.

She also attended Teyana Taylor’s album listening party in June, according to Variety, which was also attended by Erykah Badu, Kehlani, Future, Missy Elliot, Ms. Lauryn Hill, and Lena Waithe.

Bryce Hall

Bryce Hall

TikToker Bryce Hall with fellow Sway House member Griffin Johnson, and Kelly Osbourne.

Rodin Eckenroth / Getty Images

Reported parties: 4

Bryce Hall hosted at least two major parties at his content collective home the Sway House, and multiple smaller gatherings.

The relentless partying at the Sway House caused the mayor of LA to turn off their electricity, as was reported by Insider and other outlets. One party in August seemingly had over 100 guests, judging from photos and videos of the event posted on social media. The Sway House had another house party in August, Def Noodles reported.

Hall also attended Kelly Osbourne’s birthday party, and Insider reported that he threw a party in October, just days after saying he “fully regrets” hosting them.




Prince Williams/Getty Images

Reported parties: 4

DJ and producer Diplo has been spotted playing music at multiple parties during the pandemic. He was photographed at a party in September 2020 attended by YouTuber Tana Mongeau and Noah Cyrus, according to Def Noodles. None of the people photographed at the party were seen wearing masks.

According to Def Noodles, YouTuber Lele Pons threw a “massive” maskless Miami Halloween party in October 2020 with Diplo as the DJ. He was photographed without a mask, this time surrounded by influencers including the Dolan Twins.

In November, Diplo performed a set at the Gold Room nightclub in Atlanta, which was promoted by the club’s Instagram account.

He also joined the plethora of musical acts flocking to Florida and performed at a pre-Super Bowl celebration, Def Noodles reported, at E11even Nightclub in Tampa Bay. He performed for hundreds of maskless guests.

Cardi B and Offset

Cardi B and Offset

Cardi B and Offset

Prince Williams/Getty Images

Reported parties: 5

Celebrity couple Cardi B and Offset were seen at multiple parties, both supporting their friends and throwing celebrations of their own.

A few months into the pandemic, artist Teyana Taylor threw a listening party for her new album inside a Beverly Hills mansion. Cardi B and Offset attended the June 17 event, Variety reported.

Highsnobiety reported in October 2020 that Cardi hosted a birthday party in Las Vegas that featured The Weeknd, Megan Thee Stallion, Kylie Jenner, and Floyd Mayweather, among other celebrities.  

Following the success of their hit single “WAP,” Cardi B joined her collaborator, Megan Thee Stallion, at a maskless Atlanta strip club Halloween party dubbed “Hottieween,” according to Vanity Fair.

Then, in December 2020, the couple threw a party for Offset’s birthday at an Atlanta nightclub. Social media posts showed attendees not wearing masks, Vanity Fair reported.  

Most recently, the couple traveled to Florida to attend a Super Bowl party, HIPHOP CROWN NATION reported

Trey Songz

Trey Songz

Trey Songz.

Prince Williams / Getty Images

Reported parties: 3

Variety reported that musician Trey Songz also attended Teyana Taylor’s album listening party in June.

The Daily Mail UK reported that he was seen partying maskless in Las Vegas in February — just a few days after he was arrested at the AFC Championship Game in Kansas after allegedly refusing to wear a mask.

In December, NME reported that he faced an investigation after hosting an event with more than 500 attendees in Ohio. This was after he announced on Instagram that he had contracted COVID-19 in October, and urged his fans to take the pandemic seriously. 

Larri “Larray” Merritt

larray tana nikita


Tana Mongeau / Instagram

Reported parties: 3

TikTok star Larri Merritt, better known as Larray, was seen at the surprise bash his friends threw for him at the Hype House in July, which included dozens of maskless influencers, as Insider previously reported.

After YouTuber Tyler Oakley called out the party’s attendees on Twitter, Merritt acknowledged throwing the party was “a dumb thing to do.”

—larri (@larrayxo) July 22, 2020

“I will do better & will actually take this shit seriously,” he said in a tweet

Merritt was then spotted at a dinner party in August, according to Def Noodles, and at Nikita Dragun’s birthday in January, as Insider previously reported

James Charles

James Charles

James Charles.

TM/Bauer-Griffin / Getty Images

Reported parties: 3

Beauty YouTuber James Charles attended both the Hype House party for Merritt’s birthday, Insider reported, and Bryant Eslava’s birthday dinner, Just Jared reported.

In July, he apologized for being “stupid and selfish” after partying without a mask.

“I encourage you guys to be smarter than I was,” he said. “Wear your masks and continue to social distance. Love you.”

Charles was later spotted partying at Paris Hilton’s movie premiere party in September, according to Def Noodles.

Kim Kardashian West

kim kardashian west

Kim Kardashain West.

Jacopo Raule / Getty Images

Reported parties: 3

Kim Kardashian West attended her sister Kendall Jenner’s Halloween birthday party, Entertainment Tonight reported, after she posted on Instagram about attending Scott Disick’s birthday party over the summer.

But most notably, she held her own 40th birthday party on a private island with a large group of family and friends.

“After 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle with a trip to a private island where we could pretend things were normal just for a brief moment in time,” she tweeted in October. The tweet quickly became a meme

Kourtney Kardashian

kourtney kardashian 2016 wedding

Kourtney Kardashian.

Gustavo Caballero/GC Images

Reported parties: 3

Kourtney Kardashian attended Scott Disick’s 37th birthday and Kim Kardashian’s 40th birthday, according to Instagram photos posted by Kim. Elle reported that she also attended Tristan Thompson’s 4th of July party.

Doja Cat

doja cat

Musician Doja Cat.

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Reported parties: 3

Singer and rapper Doja Cat attended Kendall Jenner’s Halloween party, according to Entertainment Tonight.

She also hosted her own party for her 25th birthday in October, which was sponsored by UK-based fashion brand PrettyLittleThing, the Daily Mail UK reported.

Footwear News reported that she also attended a PrettyLittleThing launch party in November to celebrate her new line with the brand. 




Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Reported parties: 3

Rapper Tyga has attended three parties during the pandemic, all of which were in Miami.

The first was in November to celebrate his birthday, which he posted about on his Instagram.

A post shared by T-Raww (@tyga)

He was then spotted at two parties in January — one at the beginning of the month, the Miami Herald reported, and another a couple of weeks later at the home of former reality TV star Lisa Hochstein and her husband Lenny Hochstein, according to Complex

Cole Carrigan

Cole Carrigan - influencer

Cole Carrigan attends the 2nd Annual American Influencer Awards at Dolby Theatre on November 18, 2019 in Hollywood, California.

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for American Influencer Awards.

Reported parties: 3

Influencer Cole Carrigan posted videos of himself on his Instagram story at a densely-packed club in September, Def Noodles reported. He captioned the story with the words “Pull up,” encouraging people to join the party, according to screenshots of the story shared on social media. 

Def Noodles also reported that Carrigan attended a Halloween party thrown at a warehouse in Los Angeles. The influencer watchdog account also reported that Carrigan attended a party in Miami with Tana Mongeau and TikToker Ava Louise in December. 

Louise told Insider in a phone interview that the party only included people who live together. “I don’t really think it’s like a big, COVID super-spreader thing, like Twitter wants to say,” she said.

Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Reported parties: 3

Gucci Mane, whose real name is Delantic Davis, made headlines after videos of him performing at a Houston nightclub went viral in December 2020, Chron reported. Videos showed a tightly-packed venue filled with maskless guests singing along to Gucci Mane’s performance.

In January, TMZ reported that Gucci Mane was spotted out at a maskless Miami party with fellow rappers Tyga, Lil Pump, Post Malone, 24k Golden, and Lil Baby, as well as Scott Disick and YouTuber Jake Paul. TMZ reported that the party was thrown by Hochstein and her husband. Speaking with the New York Post, Hochstein told the publication there was “an honor system” regarding COVID-19 testing.

Gucci Mane, like many other celebrities, flocked to Tampa for performances and parties. He allegedly performed at The Ritz nightclub in Tampa’s Ybor City to celebrate Super Bowl LV, according to HIPHOP CROWN NATION.




2020HHA/Getty Images

Reported parties: 3

Quavo, one-third of the rap group Migos and boyfriend to rapper Saweetie, has been spotted out supporting his girlfriend but also attending parties alone.

Quavo and his girlfriend were two of the big hip hop and R&B acts that attended Teyana Taylor’s listening party in June 2020, according to Variety.

Footwear News reported that the pair was also spotted at fellow rapper Doja Cat’s PrettyLittleThing launch party.

The long list of celebrities who attended Super Bowl parties in Florida also allegedly includes Quavo, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Migos was one of the musical acts that performed at packed Tampa Bay celebrations, according to social media posts.

Harry Jowsey

Harry Jowsey

Harry Jowsey


Reported parties: 3

“Too Hot to Handle” star Harry Jowsey has been seen out with YouTuber Tana Mongeau multiple times. Mongeau and Jowsey attended the dinner for photographer Bryant Eslava, Just Jared reported, back in September 2020.

He was also reportedly spotted at Bryce Hall’s house party, according to BuzzFeed, and a boat party hosted by rapper Tyga, according to Def Noodles.

City Girls

City Girls

City Girls (Rappers Yung Miami and J.T.)

Jeff Hahne/Getty Images

Reported parties: 3

Rap duo City Girls allegedly performed several times in packed nightclubs. 

TMZ reported that they seemingly performed in a Florida nightclub on Thanksgiving, while the CDC urged people not to travel home to see family as COVID-19 cases rose. City Girls packed the Gilt nightclub and videos from the event show many maskless audience members.

After the holidays, the duo then allegedly did another performance at the Bajas nightclub in Miami for a “largely unmasked crowd,” Uproxx wrote.

The two were also seen celebrating the Super Bowl in Tampa. 

The Weeknd

the weeknd super bowl

The Weeknd

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for TW

Reported parties: 2

Abel Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd, allegedly attended two parties during the pandemic. He was spotted at Kendall Jenner’s Halloween birthday party, according to the Huffington Post, dressed as Eddie Murphy’s iconic character the Nutty Professor.

The 31-year-old singer also allegedly attended Cardi B’s Las Vegas birthday party, Highsnobiety reported.

Addison Rae

Addison Rae

Addison Rae

Rich Polk/Getty Images

Reported parties: 2

Since her meteoric rise on TikTok, Addison Rae Esterling has become one of the most visible figures on the app with the likes of the D’Amelio sisters, Zach King, and Bella Poarch.

The star of the upcoming remake of “She’s All That” has had a relatively quiet year in comparison to her influencer counterparts when it comes to partying. But for her 20th birthday, Esterling posted a YouTube video featuring a large group of friends and family who celebrated with her, which included a handful of notable influencers. James Charles, Charli D’Amelio, Noah Beck, Quen Blackwell, and more members of both the Hype House and the Sway House, were spotted at the gathering.

Rae was also allegedly spotted at Dixie D’Amelio’s birthday party, according to Def Noodles.

Kanye West

Kanye West

Kanye West released his first pair of Yeezy sneakers with Nike in 2013, later collaborating with Adidas in 2015.

Neil Mockford/Contributor/Getty Images

Reported parties: 2

Before the news of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s filing for divorce, the rapper and fashion mogul attended two parties with his soon-to-be-ex-wife.

West attended the infamous island getaway from Kim’s 40th birthday, the Sun reported, and also attended Kendall Jenner’s Halloween party, Insider reported.

Noah Cyrus

noah cyrus

Noah Cyrus is a singer.

Rich Fury / Getty Images

Reported parties: 2

Noah Cyrus, younger sister of singer Miley Cyrus, has seemingly gotten close to YouTuber Tana Mongeau and attended two large, maskless parties with her.

In September 2020, Cyrus posted a photo of herself wearing a royal blue Louis Vuitton face mask with the caption, “Just wear the damn mask.” Less than 12 hours later, Cyrus was seen attending a party with Mongeau, Def Noodles reported, where Diplo was DJ’ing.

Cyrus faced backlash from fans who called the message “confusing” after seeing her maskless at the party.

She also allegedly attended a Halloween party, maskless, with Mongeau in October 2020, paying homage to Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton with their costumes.

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith

Rich Fury/

Reported parties: 2

Jaden Smith, rapper and son of Will Smith, attended a house party, reportedly for singer Justine Skye’s birthday, in August 2020, that was thrown by Bieber and his wife Hailey. Many of their famous friends also went to the party. 

Smith also attended Kendall Jenner’s highly-criticized Halloween party, where the 22-year-old faced additional backlash for his costume. He wore an oxygen mask, which social-media users called “insensitive” during a pandemic. 

An Instagram post, Smith shared in the wake of the backlash appeared to claim the costume was a play on John David Washington’s character in the movie “Tenet,” People reported.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

Reported parties: 2

Justin Bieber and his wife, Hailey, recently sold the house in which they reportedly threw a maskless party in August 2020, according to Vanity Fair. It was attended by many of their famous friends and was the subject of online backlash. 

Bieber also attended Kendall Jenner’s Halloween party, E! News reported.

Patrick Starrr

Patrick Starrr

Patrick Starrr

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Reported parties: 2

Beauty influencer Patrick Starrr recorded himself attending a packed house party, Def Noodles reported, with a large number of guests including Bryce Hall and Tessa Brooks.

He also went to Nikita Dragun’s birthday party and was apparently recorded kissing fellow influencer, Tana Mongeau, according to videos later posted by Instagram account @hereforthetea2.

After Dragun faced major backlash for the birthday party, Starrr was recorded at a restaurant defending his friend, saying “F–k you… and f–k all of you for canceling this b—h.”

The Lopez Brothers

Ondreaz and Tony Lopez

Ondreaz Lopez (left) and Tony Lopez (right)

Both: Wil R/Getty Images

Reported parties: 2

While still a member of the Hype House, Tony Lopez attended a massive July party at the creator collective, documented by an Instagram story posted by Tana Mongeau that was later reported by Def Noodles.

Tony and his brother Ondreaz Lopez were also among the group of influencers who attended the dinner party for photographer Bryant Eslava, Just Jared reported.

Thomas Petrou

Thomas Petrou

Thomas Petrou

fupp/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

Reported parties: 2

Thomas Petrou is the manager of the Hype House, which garnered backlash after the collective threw a birthday party for fellow housemate Larri “Larray” Merritt. The fallout of the party caused major controversy and social media users called for their lights and water to be shut off.

Petrou apologized for the party and said “it won’t happen again,” though more Hype House parties followed. 

The only other party Petrou was seen at was Nikita Dragun’s birthday party, as Insider reported.

Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

Reported parties: 2

When the news broke of Megan Thee Stallion’s hospitalization, she initially kept the perpetrator of the act a secret because she felt the Los Angeles Police Department was “aggressive,” she said during an Instagram Live.

But then she revealed it was Tory Lanez who shot her in the foot after they both attended a pool party at Kylie Jenner’s house in July 2020, Vulture reported. 

Tory Lanez was later charged with assault and carrying a loaded, concealed firearm in relation to the shooting. 

In 2021, he joined the extensive list of celebrities who partied in Florida for the Super Bowl and allegedly hosted one of his own, the Daily Mail UK reported.

Dr. Mike

Dr. Mike

Dr. Mike Varshavski

Dr. Mike/Instagram

Reported parties: 1

Dr. Mikhail Varshavski, known as Dr. Mike online, has quickly come to be known as one of Instagram’s “hottest doctors.” He’s amassed four million Instagram followers, along with a reputation as a medical expert. He’s been vocal on social media throughout the pandemic, stressing the importance of taking precautions. 

But in November 2020, he was called out on social media after photos were posted of what appeared to be him, maskless, surrounded by women in Miami, the Daily Mail reported. 

Varshavski apologized for his actions in a YouTube video. 

—Pop Crave (@PopCrave) November 28, 2020

Lele Pons, The Dolan twins, Sebastian Yatra, Adi Spiegelman, and Juanpa Zurita

Lele Pons Halloween

Lele Pons / Instagram

Reported parties: 1

YouTuber Lele Pons reportedly threw a massive Halloween party in Miami, according to Def Noodles. It was attended by many celebrities and influencers, including the Dolan twins, Juanpa Zurita, singer Sebastian Yatra, and tennis player Adi Spiegelman. Diplo was the DJ for the event, and many guests flew in from around the US.

Toddy Smith, Heath Hussar, Scotty Sire, Matt King, and Zane Hijazi

Vlog Squad

Scotty Sire / YouTube

Reported parties: 1

Vlog Squad members Toddy Smith, Heath Hussar, Scotty Sire, Matt King, and Zane Hijazi were reportedly spotted throwing a party at David Dobrik’s house in LA in October, Def Noodles reported. Dobrik, the leader of the YouTuber collective, did not seem to be in attendance.

The Drip Crib

Drip Crib

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Reported parties: 1

Drip Crib members Devion Young, Desmond and Dedrick Spence, Logan Caruso, Emiliano Decontreras Jr., Chris Weaver, and Abel Carden threw a massive New Year’s Eve party, which allegedly had an estimated 600 people attended, Def Noodles reported.

A legal letter from the house’s rental management company, obtained by Business Insider, cited many “loud parties” that caused “a noise disturbance to the surrounding neighborhood.”

Claudia Conway

Claudia Conway American Idol


Reported parties: 1

Claudia Conway, the daughter of former Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway, threw a party to celebrate turning 16 in October, Def Noodles reported. She later said she had planned for it to be a COVID-safe event, but someone leaked the address on Snapchat and too many people showed up. Conway said she eventually kicked everyone out.

“The gathering, the event, whatever you want to call it did not go as I planned it to,” she said. “I did not intentionally ‘throw a party.'”

Insider has reached out to all the individuals, or their management, mentioned in this story.

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