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 May 29

by Carolina

“The Park Needs Us” Initiative Gains Celebrity Support

The Park Needs Us

c/o Central Park Conservancy

In a new effort to earn donations and volunteer assistance, the Central Park Conservancy has partnered with a number of popular celebrities who’ve done some catchy voice-overs to represent different park attractions and highlights.

Whoopi Goldberg portrays Belvedere Castle and a tulip; Hank Azaria plays the Great Lawn and the Ramble; Josh Gad performs as Shakespeare Garden and Kristen Bell pretends to be a squirrel.

“It’s a fun approach with a serious message: New Yorkers need the Park, and the Park needs us – all of us – to keep it clean and green,” a Central Park Conservancy spokesperson said.

Additional celebrities involved include Wu Han (as a turtle), Eduardo Vilaro (as the Pond) and Patricia Clarkson (as the Bow Bridge).

In February of this year, the Central Park Conservancy announced that it was facing a $10 million deficit for the first time in its 40 year history,  launching the “Essential Central Park Fund.”

The Conservancy now appears to be getting a bit more creative.

Learn more about the new initiative here.

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Mike is a native Upper West Sider. He’s lived in the Lincoln Center area,
Morningside Heights, and pretty much everywhere in between. You can frequently find him eating through the many great restaurants on the Upper West Side or awkwardly taking photos with his iPhone.  

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