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 September 20

by Carolina

Celebrities appear to have it all. They get paid to showcase their talent and are loved by millions for making a career out of something they love. From a spectator’s point of view, the lifestyle of a celebrity is typically dipped in glitter in multiple aspects. While being rich and famous doesn’t always equate to a perfect life, it does come with massive perks. One of these perks includes spending some of their wealth on extravagant yachts that provide the opportunity for grand parties while they sail the emerald seas with shades on and a cocktail in hand.

Are you ready to see some of the most lavish celebrity-owned yachts in the world?

#1 Johnny Depp | Valjoliroja

The most lavish celebrity yachts 17
Credit: Extravaganzi.com

Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean was a cinematic treat that we never knew we needed. In line with his character’s pirate image, it’s only suitable that this award-winning actor owns a ship (yacht) of his own.

His luxurious yacht is named Valjoliroja, which may sound like a tongue twister, but it’s actually a combo of the Depp family names: his ex-girlfriend, Vanessa; his own name, Johnny; his daughter, Lily Rose; and his son, Jack.

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