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 May 30

by Carolina

Fox’s The Masked Singer has surprised viewers since it premiered in 2019. Initially a show that was believed to attract celebrities who hadn’t been in the spotlight of late, fans were delighted when big names like Patti Labelle, Bob Saget, Tony Hawk, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne, and even Mickey Rourke, showed up.

As the series grew in popularity, more popular celebrities with higher net worths signed on, with many citing the fact that their young children watched the show and they wanted to delight them when they saw mom or dad being unmasked.

While the judges have a pretty good track record of guessing celebrities, sometimes they go completely out in left field – judge Ken Jeong is most notorious for terrible guesses. Remember, for example, when names like Celine Dion, Justin Bieber, and Lady Gaga were thrown around? There are a few celebrities, however, some of whom were good guesses and some bad, whose names have come up time and time again on the show.

10 Jamie Foxx

Without fail, every season Jamie Foxx has been guessed, including the latest season. Technically, he has appeared on the show, but only as a guest judge. As an all-around multi-talented comedian, actor, singer, and producer, Foxx has a recognizable voice and style.

But he also has experience in sketch comedy from his time on In Living Color, which means he could easily show up and change his mannerisms and even disguise his voice to fool everyone. Thus, it makes sense that he has been guessed so many times.

9 Joel McHale

Another celebrity who has appeared on the series countless times as a guest judge, McHale did once come on stage to playfully sing a tune while holding a tiny mask up to his face. But he has yet to be an official contestant on the series.

Usually, if the celebrity gives clues about comedy and acting, demonstrates that they aren’t a pro singer, and happen to be very tall, McHale is one of the first names the judges gravitate to. It’s unclear if it’s just a joke to play on he and Jeong’s mock feud or if they really believe it could be him. Indeed, it’s usually Jeong himself guessing his former Community co-star.

8 Someone From Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony on an outdoor stage

Every member from Fifth Harmony has a great voice so it’s no surprise that whenever a young, female masked celebrity with a killer voice is on the show, someone thinks it’s one of them.

Most recently, the judges guessed Normani, believing she might be behind the second place finishing Black Swan costume, along with former band member Camilla Cabello. But it was actually JoJo.

7 Bjork

A close up of Bjork singing into a microphone

It’s unclear whether judge Ken Jeong is just trying to pull everyone’s legs and be funny or if he truly thinks that Bjork would come on the show and that her very distinctive voice could be hidden by some of the artists who have actually been behind the masks. He is clearly a very intelligent person given that he is one of celebrities who has an advanced degree (he is a doctor).

For example, he guessed Bjork for the Flower, who was, in reality, Patti LaBelle. Jeong has gone on to stick to his guns that Bjork may one day show up and has guessed her a few other times as well.

6 “Weird Al” Yankovic

Weird Al Yankovic in a loud shirt on a black background

“Weird Al” is usually guessed when the celebrity is tall and references being quirky or different or having been a musician of some kind for a long period of time combined with clues that suggest some involvement with comedy. He fits the bill as both a musician and comedian.

“Weird Al” can sing and has the ability to disguise his voice. So, it’s not entirely surprising that he has been guessed multiple times already and will probably be guessed at least once every season.

5 Monica

Close up of singer Monica pointing her finger in the air

With many other singers from the ’80s, ’90s, and even early ’00s appearing on the show, such as LeAnn Rimes, Jessie McCartney, Michelle Williams and Taylor Dayne, it makes perfect sense that the judges would repeatedly believe that Monica was under a mask.

A powerhouse singer from the ’90s, Monica has one of those voices that would instantly peg her as a talented professional singer but wouldn’t initially point to her, specifically. It would be surprising if Monica wasn’t already asked to be on the show, so assuming she has, hopefully she’ll appear in a future season.

4 Johnny Knoxville

Knoxville’s name has come up time and time again as guesses for masked singers like Robot, who was actually Lil Wayne. In fact, during season three, Knoxville was also guessed for the Banana and Llama.

Any time the clues hint towards some kind of danger combined with acting, the guesses seem to instantly gravitate to Knoxville. It makes sense as he has personality for a show like this. But he has yet to appear.

3 Paris Hilton

Typically, shows like Masked Singer tend to attract celebrities who haven’t been in the spotlight much for a variety of reasons. Socialite Paris Hilton fits that bill, though she released a documentary in 2020. Nonetheless, it’s no surprise that anytime there’s a relatively tall female character who hints at having been judged or taking risks in her career or gone through bad periods in her life, the judges instantly think it’s Hilton.

Despite being a perfect candidate for the show, Hilton, however, hasn’t gone on yet. Given that she has some singing experience, it’s possible she might finally warm to the idea.

2 Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart on the Today Show

Kevin Hart is 5’2” so any time an obviously shorter male contestant shows up, guesses instantly gravitate to Hart.

Hart is likely far too busy to appear on the show, continuing to film movies and handle other projects in his life. But with many of the celebrities who have been on the seasons to date noting that they have done it for their kids, he might just give it a shot for fun.

1 Several Boy Banders

Split image of Brian Littrell, JC Chasez, and Jordan Knight, all boy danders from the '90s

Each season there appears to be at least one boy bander, from Joey Fatone to Nick Carter and most recently season five winner Nick Lachey. So, it’s no surprise that names like Brian Littrell and Kevin Richardson, and AJ McLean from Backstreet Boys, Jordan Knight from New Kids On The Block, and JC Chasez from NSYNC have all been guessed countless times.

Usually, the judges are right about the masked singer being a boy bander. But any time they have guessed the aforementioned ones, which has been often, they have been wrong.

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