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 April 9

by Carolina

Fox’s The Masked Singer is one of the newest hit competition shows, and fans get to act as detectives while also enjoying musical performances – and hoping for their favorite celebrities to appear under the mask. With some professional singers, there are also some athletes, actors, and more, and the reveal is always totally exciting.

As the show gains more popularity, they’ve definitely been able to bring in some pretty huge names. These have sometimes been the most impressive or at least the most surprising to appear. With season 5 underway, it’s time to rank the most famous celebs that have hit the stage under a mask.

10 Tony Hawk (Season 3)

Nick Cannon revealing Tony Hawk on The Masked Singer

There probably isn’t a single person out there that doesn’t associate skateboarding with legend Tony Hawk. He disguised himself on the show as ‘Elephant,’ and actually made it past the first couple of rounds, getting voted out fourth.

Still, there really isn’t someone who has completely represented a sport as much as Tony Hawk has, and this celebrity definitely shocked and excited fans when he revealed himself.

9 Bella Thorne (Season 3)

The Masked Singer Bella Thorne as Swan, unmasked

Bella Thorne is a Disney Channel alum and has since gone on to sing and act in many projects. She also became an internet sensation. She hit the stage as ‘Swan’ and sang songs like “I Hate Myself For Loving You.”

Unfortunately for this viral celebrity, she couldn’t hold out and got beat out by the other famous faces behind the masks. However, viewers were definitely a bit thrown off to see someone with a singing past like Bella Thorne on the stage – and getting voted off.

8 Jesse McCartney (Season 3)

The Masked Singer Jesse McCartney backstage without a mask as Turtle

Another Disney Channel star was part of season 3, but Jesse McCartney is more than just that. This 2000s heartthrob absolutely slayed the music industry in 2004, and he certainly had a LOT of fans and admirers.

The “Beautiful Soul” singer was runner-up on season 3 and finally had to drop the disguise as ‘Turtle.’ He lost out to Kandi Burruss, but everyone was over the moon when they saw Jesse McCartney take off the mask.

7 Bob Saget (Season 4)

The Masked Singer Nick Cannon and Bob Saget, revealed as Squiggly Monster

Full House alumni and legendary television host, Bob Saget, was a stunning surprise. As the ‘Squiggly Monster,’ this comedian actually made it through the first round, where fellow talk show host Wendy Williams was voted out.

However, with his second appearance and singing “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” it was revealed that this television personality didn’t have what it takes to continue on The Masked Singer.

6 Mickey Rourke (Season 4)

The Masked Singer Mickey Rourke reveals himself alongside Nick Cannon

When ‘Gremlin’ appeared on stage, fans had no idea who could be behind the mask, and it’s safe to say it was a genuine shock that Mickey Rourke – famous actor with a boxing past – was the man behind the mask.

He sang “Stand By Me”, and actually got himself eliminated! Mickey Rourke just couldn’t handle the mask and revealed himself preemptively. Despite a sad elimination, fans were blown away that this boxer took the stage at all.

5 La Toya Jackson (Season 1)

La Toya Jackson unmaksed as Alien on The Masked Singer

The Jacksons are undoubtedly one of the most famous musical families in history, and fans couldn’t believe that La Toya Jackson was under the mask of ‘Alien.’ This professional singer made it pretty far in the competition, too.

However, the limelight for this celebrity had long passed as a famous Jackson family member, so it was a surprising and totally exciting reveal for this Jackson to be part of the first season of this reality competition series.

4 Antonio Brown (Season 1)

The Masked Singer Antonio Brown and Nick Cannon on stage during reveal

Antonio Brown was one of the first to hit the stage, and for a professional NFL player, he actually did pretty great singing “My Prerogative.” Dressed as ‘Hippo,’ Antonio Brown was, in fact, the first masked singer to be unmasked in history.

However, fans knew there was an exciting season ahead when the first celeb was this legendary footballer. He definitely tried his best, and fans were happy he gave it a go at all. Arguably one of the best players in the league, it’s hard to not be star-struck by this reveal.

3 Drew Carey (Season 3)

Nick Cannon revealing Drew Carey as Llama on The Masked Singer

Drew Carey is definitely one of the most well-known comedians and television hosts out there today, and he definitely has the fun and spontaneous personality to take him to the stage of this show. As ‘Llama,’ Carey sang “It’s Not Unusual.”

Unfortunately for him, he was voted out in his first round, but fans weren’t even mad about it – because they were floored to see Drew Carey reveal his identity on stage. This icon made a great appearance.

2 Lil Wayne (Season 3)

The Masked Singer Lil Wayne on stage without a mask in Robot costume

As far as rappers go, Lil Wayne might just be one of the most recognizable names in the business. He joined the show as ‘Robot,’ and shocked everyone by singing ‘Are You Gonna Go My Way,” by Lenny Kravitz.

Unfortunately for this legendary rapper, he was voted out in the first round. However, fans were pretty pumped that the first reveal of the season was someone as big and famous as Lil Wayne.

1 T-Pain (Season 1)

The Masked Singer Nick Cannon and T-Pain on stage, revealed as Monster

T-Pain might be one of the most famous rappers of the 2000s, and there probably isn’t a single soul that wouldn’t recognize at least one of his songs. T-Pain did an incredible job at hiding his identity as ‘Monster’ – and performing as him.

In fact, no one but host Nick Cannon seemed to really know who was behind the mask. T-Pain won the title of The Masked Singer in the first season and definitely redeemed himself amidst so many rumors of his career. T-Pain blew the socks off everyone.

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