Men’s beauty is booming, with product sales soaring. So we asked five famous men what’s on their bathroom shelves

Actor Pierce Brosnan, 68

What’s your morning routine?

Outta bed, shower, brush the wet hair straight back, brush the teeth with Marvis Amarelli Licorice toothpaste (£7;, feed the chickens, put the coffee on. Then the hair is ready for “a little dab-a-do” of Trueffit & Hill Euchrisma Clay.

What was the first product you bought?

It all started with Brylcreem. I grew up in a country town in Ireland. Elvis was King. Brylcreem and Old Spice were the order of the day. That and a good comb in your back pocket. It was all about the hair in the late 1950s. Nothing has changed.