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 June 25

by Carolina

Tan France received some “really scary” messages after announcing that he would be his first father.

The “Queer Eye” star, announced in April, will bring his son to the world on behalf of him and her husband, Rob France, this summer. Most people supported the happy news, but he was shocked by some of the reactions they received.

He told us Weekly magazine: “I posted an announcement, and we were full of beautiful and beautiful messages.

“But 5 percent, maybe 3 percent was really terrible, and it’s basically like,” This is terrible for you to do this. Your baby should get pregnant naturally. ” did. “

The 38-year-old star believes that there are many misconceptions about surrogacy and wants people to “better understand the process.”

He added: “People seemed to think I was kidnapping, raping, and trapping women. [her] In my basement, I tied her to a radiator until she gave birth to my baby.

“It couldn’t be far from the truth. People wanted to represent me. We have a great relationship.

“I think there is a really old-fashioned idea of ​​what surrogacy and in vitro fertilization are.

“These kids, these babies are real babies. The number of times I hear they are artificial babies … they are not artificial babies.”

Style experts initially tried to educate people in response to negative comments, but eventually decided to block some of the most unfriendly people.

He states: [them] “I think you’re misunderstanding what IVF is and what surrogacy is. To experience surrogacy, you have to experience IVF and understand what it is. I don’t think. Understand that this woman volunteered to be a surrogate mother.

“So I responded to only two and left those comments for a while, and I blocked those people.”

Tan was also shocked by how “superficial” people could be when it comes to choosing a surrogate mother.

He states: “Did you look for something like a supermodel?” I couldn’t really care. It doesn’t matter.

“Just because you have two attractive people doesn’t mean that your child is gorgeous just because you don’t know what you’re going to get. Don’t be too superficial. Understand and give it a try. You will know who they are as humans. “

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