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 June 6

by Carolina

The succession to the British throne has changed in the last few years. More RoyalBaby Welcomes to FamilyWell, with the recent birth Baby girl of Prince Harry and Megan Markle, Lillibet “Lili” Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, The line is moving again.I’m a couple Resigned from the role of senior royal family Last year, their children remained in the line of successors. So where are Harry and his children in their successors? Check out our current roster for one of the most important jobs in the world.

  1. Prince Charles: 70-year-old Charles will be the oldest heir to the British throne.Will Charles become King Charles III or Take over the regal name Of King George VII.
  2. Prince William: As the firstborn of the Queen’s firstborn, William succeeds his father and succeeds to the throne.It is unlikely that Charles will decide not to do so I want to take on federal responsibility, And William will take over almost soon.
  3. Prince George: It may be hard to imagine now, but one day Cheerful prince Dominates all of England.
  4. Princess Charlotte: So Reserve successor to the throne, Charlotte will support his brother until he has his own family. Charlotte also made history as the first female royal family whose succession to the throne was not deprived of male successors.
  5. Prince Louis: The young prince 5th line, Take over the post from his uncle Harry.
  6. Prince Harry: With the birth of Prince Louis, Harry became the sixth on the throne.
  7. Archie Mount Batten-Windsor: With Harry’s first child, Baby Archie Megan Markle,is 7th side by side For the throne.
  8. Lillibet “Lili” Diana Mountbatten-Windsor: Prince Harry and Princess Megan’s daughter Lili are now in the eighth row behind her brother.
  9. Prince Andrew: With the birth of baby Lili, the queen’s second son also lined up.
  10. Princess Beatrice: Duke of York’s eldest daughter, He shares with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson in the next row.
  11. Princess Eugenie: Beatrice’s sister is behind her.
  12. August Brooks Bank: Princess Eugenie and the son of Jack Brooksbank, born in February 2021, line up behind Princess Eugenie.
  13. Prince Edward: Count Wessex was born to the last of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, but the Settlement Act of 1701 (revised in 2013) allowed Edward to take her sister, Princess Anne, to the throne. .. Princess Charlotte’s position was unaffected as the Crown Inheritance Act was updated, but her sister’s brother is a boy.
  14. Viscount Severn: James, Countess of Severn, is the only son of Prince Edward and his wife, Sophie. Since he was born in 2009 (the law applies to those born after October 2011), he was able to line up before his sister Louise.
  15. Lady Louis Mountbatten-Windsor: Teenagers you may remember As a bridesmaid at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Succeeding his younger brother to the throne.
  16. Princess Anne: As the Queen’s second child, Anne was the third throne at birth.
  17. Peter phillips: Princess Anne’s son is lined up before her sister Zara.
  18. Savannah Phillips: Peter’s 6-year-old daughter, Savannah, is next.
  19. Isla Phillips: Five-year-old Isla chases her sister Savannah.
  20. Zara Tindall: Zara Tindall (formerly Phillips), the only daughter of Princess Anne and married to former British rugby player Mike Tindall, is in the next row.
  21. Mia Tindall: Zara and Mike’s daughters, who welcomed in January 2014, are next to their mothers.
  22. Lena Tindall: The second daughter born in June 2018 follows Mia.
  23. Lucas Tindal: To conclude the list, Zara and Mike’s son are 23rd.

Succession to the British Royal Family | Pop Sugar Celebrities

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