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 July 16

by Carolina

Soulja Boy recently streamed his Destiny 2 gaming session on Twitch and received plenty of support from the community, but he is not the first.

It’s not uncommon that people who became famous in life by all kinds of means eventually dabble in video games, and with that, also streaming platforms like YouTube, Caffeine, and of course Twitch. The platform is often home to a plethora of gaming celebrities as well, with people like PewDiePie dabbling in Twitch for streams, prior to focusing on YouTube live streaming sessions, instead. This week it was Soulja Boy’s turn, who joined Twitch playing Destiny 2 and purchasing a bunch of cool items from the Eververse store, all while a horde of players joined the live session and started guiding the rapper through the first few bits of the game’s introductory areas.

Destiny 2 is arguably a very complex game to get into without prior knowledge about how it works and what to do, and so the game’s community welcoming the 30-year-old rapper was a very wholesome experience for him. There is also a great backstory to all this, as Bungie added into Destiny 2 a “Crank That” emote based on the hit by Soulja Boy, and despite this, the game didn’t actually appear on the rapper’s radar before. This is not the first time something like this has happened, however, and there have been many cases of celebrities playing video games on Twitch only for them to receive overwhelming support and lovely comments soon after.

Soulja Boy, Terry Crews, Snoop Dogg, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Twitch

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Soulja Boy managed to jump in Destiny 2 with an “army” of players waiting for him in the Cosmodrome, the game’s main starting zone, and the whole thing made him very excited. Video games are not something entirely new for the rapper, who showed interest in them even prior to the SouljaGame console controversy, which sparked when the rapper released a console that many gamers defined as a copy of those from Nintendo and Sega. Because of this and other controversies, Soulja Boy’s success with his streaming session of Destiny 2 is something that makes for a very interesting case.

The rapper is not the only celebrity to enjoy success on Twitch, and many others came before him. One of the most-watched and followed Twitch celebrities is Terry Crews, who enjoyed quite a varied and active career in football, acting, comedy, bodybuilding, and now video games and PC tech. As a matter of fact, Crews streams on Twitch and Caffeine either solo gaming sessions or those when he plays Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc with his son, Isaiah. Crews’ journey in video games and streaming was immediately well-received by the public, especially thanks to the celebrity’s wholesome relationship with his son and how that shows during their sessions together.

Another example is Snoop Dogg, who got into gaming and streaming on Twitch, especially his sessions of Madden NFL 21 and some other sports video games. The rapper and media personality is a very positive influence on Twitch, and his streaming sessions are always a place where gamers and fans come together peacefully. As per Snoop Dogg’s own words, when he streams he simply wants his followers to “kick back, relax, and vibe.”

Twitch is also a place for debate, and when the so-called “millennial politician” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez jumped on the Among Us train it was a pleasant surprise for many fans. The congresswoman played Among Us with other famous streamers, like Pokimane, Disguised Toast, and Jacksepticeye, and the chat on Twitch went crazy with comments and showed a lot of support.

Overall, seeing a beloved public celebrity playing a game with plenty of active fans is refreshing and it can also help that specific video game get more recognition, which is a win-win situation. Whether Soulja Boy and the others will keep on streaming remains to be seen, but it remains an interesting phenomenon to witness.

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