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 April 17

by Carolina

Source: City of Solvang

City of Solvang Mayor Charlie Uhrig appeared on the newest episode of celebrity trivia game show podcast, “Go Fact Yourself” (https://gofactyourpod.com), in the newest episode that aired Friday, April 16, 2021.

As a guest on the episode, Mayor Uhrig serves as an expert on all things “Solvang”, as the show’s other guests, comedian Lewis Black (“The Daily Show”), and podcaster/author Helen Zaltzman (“The Allusionist”), attempt to demonstrate their own expertise on the topic of “Solvang”. Zaltzman had chosen as her show topic, “Themed Towns of the USA,” mentioning Solvang as an example.

“Go Fact Yourself” is a trivia game show along the lines of “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.” The show’s co-hosts are actress and comedian Helen Hong, a regular panelist on “Wait Wait”, and “Go Fact Yourself” co-creator/co-producer/co-writer, J. Keith van Straaten, a content producer, actor, show writer, and also travel writer for various publications and digital platforms. Hong and van Straaten run the show on the Maximum Fun podcast network, which also produces NPR’s “Bullseye.”

“Go Fact Yourself” entails notable comedians, actors, writers, and podcasters as contestants. The show’s hosts quiz them on subjects about which they have claimed are their areas of expertise. The show then follows that with an unannounced “real expert” in the field, who discusses the topic and tells the show’s hosts and audience whether the contestant’s answers were right or wrong. “Go Fact Yourself” show experts have included winners of Oscars, Olympic Gold Medals and the Pulitzer Prize.

The April 16 episode of “Go Fact Yourself” may be found and/or streamed in the following formats:

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