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 October 11

by Carolina

Stand-up comedian she ain’t, but all things considered, she did pretty well. No topic or family member was off limits as shots were fired at everyone from momager Kris Jenner to ex-husband Kanye West, declaring: “I’m not running for president — we can’t have three failed politicians in this family.”

She even poked fun at her own now infamous sex tape: “I’m surprised to see me here too. I haven’t had a movie premiere in a really long time.” She would have had a lot of help shaping the monologue of course but it was all wrapped in a delivery that was wry and knowing. Almost like a wink to her viewers that sent a message that she’s read the room and savvy as ever, is leaning into her new incarnation as a self-aware celeb.

Many more famous people are following suit. Jake Gyllenhaal was endearing on a recent panel where he poked fun at rumours that he’s part of the A-list no-shower club. At the US Open, Paris Hilton danced and sang along to her cult cringe-hit “Stars Are Blind” with good-natured gusto. Others never quite know how to read the room. Once a Twitter darling, Chrissy Teigen has practically been chased off the platform after using her platform for bullying. Time and time again she plays the victim when challenged.

It goes deeper than famous people being relatable. If anything, self-aware celebs who are not afraid to poke fun at themselves do so with a complete awareness of their privilege. We’re past expecting A-listers to be super woke because it always comes off as disingenuous. Kim Kardashian, an enduring target of outrage and ridicule, has finally learned how to weaponise this to further her image. Of course, it’s worth noting that one thing she didn’t address was her family’s role in promoting unrealistic body standards en masse. Either way, some brief cancellation has rarely ever destabilised a celeb who has done nothing too egregious and they now know this.

On cancellation, it’s worth bringing up Adele’s recent interview which touched on that carnival outfit. Adeleola (as she’s called on Black Twitter) was met with a bit of backlash from people who slammed her for cultural appropriation. She was likely invited to get stuck in to celebrate Jamaican cultures but she also forgot herself and the global conversation about cultural appropriation, and she owned up to as much.

The fact is, if you’re rich and famous, chances are we are going to make fun of you. You can be annoying and delete your social media for all of five minutes, or you can join in and wait for us to get bored and move on.

Losing might be the best thing for Emma Raducanu

Emma Raducanu has been beaten in her first match since storming the US Open, and while losing is never fun, it might be the best thing for her. The 18-year-old became a household name after her Grand Slam win but the big sister in me couldn’t help but feel a bit worried. Yes she’s been snapped up by Tiffany and Chanel, but with all that attention comes the judgment and objectification that young women in the public eye inherit. Raducanu will go on to win many matches but I hope her defeat brought the temperature down enough for her to catch her breath.

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