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 May 16

by Carolina

The legendary show Saturday Night Live had a great cold open where they poked fun at what would have been the scene when they discovered the “response” that Amber Heard had for Johnny Depp when he arrived late to her birthday party and left a few minutes later.

Uuugh Glad that ain’t me

The skit opens with Kate McKinnon interpreting a news anchor from NBC who is giving a report about different topics like the mass shootings in Buffalo, the War in Ukraine, the helicopter was taken down by Ukraine forces, and the nationwide baby formula shortage, but the anchor makes the transition to saying that the Depp v. Heard is a cuckoo trial, the case has everyone saying “glad that ain’t me”.

Recreation of the courtroom was on point

They transition to the trial itself where Depp is played by Kyle Mooney, Cecily Strong plays Judge Penny Azcarate, Aidy Bryant plays the prosecutor and Heidi Garner interprets Heard’s lawyer.

The joke starts where supposedly there was a video from the security footage when the house staff that worked in their Hollywood Hills mansion found the alleged fecal matter in the bed under the sheets.

At some point, the judge says what many people think

The prosecutor says that they are going to show the evidence of the situation, and the defense lawyer played by Garner objects to the motion by saying “That does not prove that my client is guilty of anything“, Strong’s character mentions what many believe to be true, she answered, “That’s true, but I’ll allow it, because it does sound fun, and this trial is for fun”.

This is from a dehydrated person

Later in the video, the characters are shown disgusted about the fact, and when someone points out that it could have been the dogs, one of the cast members accurately says “This doo-doo is from a dehydrated person

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