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 October 17

by Carolina

Sir Paul McCartney remembered that William Shakespeare’s words were “unknowingly planted” when he wrote “Let It Be.”

The 79-year-old star studied Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” at school and admitted that he inspired him to write a chart-top single released in March 1970.

He says: “One of the interesting things about Let It Be that I recently remembered was when I was studying English literature with my favorite teacher, Alan Durband, at the Liverpool Institute High School for Boys. I read.

“At that time, I had to take the speech to the exam and quote it, so I had to learn the speech from the bottom of my heart. There are several lines from the second half of the play.

“Oh, I can tell you-

“But let me do that. Horatio, I’m dead.”

John admits that the band was “heading for the Beatles’ dissolution” when he wrote the song.

The music icon explained that the presence of John Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono made things difficult for the group, but Shakespeare helped inspire one of the group’s most memorable singles. I did.

In his new book, Lyrics: From 1956 to the Present (an excerpt from The Sunday Times), Paul explained:

“When I was writing’Let It Be’, I was overdoing everything and ran irregularly, which was all sacrificed. Band, me-we were all in trouble as a song I was experiencing it, and there seemed to be no way out of the turmoil.

“One day, I was exhausted and fell asleep, and I dreamed that my mother, Mary, who died about 10 years ago, would actually come. When I dreamed of meeting the lost, sometimes in just a few seconds, they were like them. Feels like being with you and always there. Anyone who has lost someone near them will understand it, especially during that period. Immediately after their death I’m still dreaming and talking about John and George.

“But in this dream, seeing my mother’s beautiful and tender face and being together in a peaceful place was very pleasant. She said what was happening to me in my life. She seemed to realize she was worried about what would happen and she said to me, “Everything is fine. Let me do that.”

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