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 July 24

by Carolina

Sir Kenneth Branagh feels that his sense of humor is “very sexy.”

The actor in “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”, who has been married to Lindsay Brunnock for 18 years and previously married to Emma Thompson, is his most fascinating quality to be able to make him laugh I admitted that.

He told Candis magazine: “Whether it’s a friend or a romantic partner, the quality I admire most is a sense of humor, no matter what kind of companion.

“I think the ability to laugh is very sexy.”

Kenneth and Lindsay have no children, but he suggested it wasn’t a choice.

He said: “It never happened.”

The 60-year-old actor and director is grateful that his wife is around to keep them organized.

He admits that: “When we go on a trip, she gets ready a week before we leave. She chooses clothes and exercises when we wear them. I wish it was like that.

“We used to plan a nice weekend in Portugal, but with five minutes left, we were still throwing things in our suitcases.

“As a result, I misplaced my glasses. It was terrible because I couldn’t read without them and I love reading.”

The “Orient Express Murder” star admits he is happy to read “anything” and is particularly crazy about self-help books.

When asked what he likes to read, he says:

“I also like self-help books. I think they are completely addictive.”

Sir Kenneth Branagh considers humor to be “sexy” | Celebrities

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