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 March 23

by Carolina

After the rain comes the rainbow.

But when you’re already rocking one, every day can feel like you’re walking on sunshine.

Deco’s checking out a new celebrity hair trend that’s all about showing your true colors.

Why chase rainbows when you can rock them in your hair?!

Hair Circus Salon in Fort Lauderdale is here to color to your world.

Alexandra Fazio: “Our job is to educate you on what we feel is the best look for you. What colors will look good with your skin tone. So we take the extra step to make sure that the hair that you leave with matches your style.”

Rainbow hair is turning heads, thanks to celebs like J-Lo and Halsey.

Look, she’s even got matching makeup!

Alexandra Fazio: “Anyone and everyone can rock rainbow hair.”

There are no rules when it comes to rocking rainbows, because the color possibilities are endless.

Hair Circus created these stellar looks just for Deco!

Alexandra Fazio: “These really cool, like futuristic. like galaxy holographic feeling hair.”

The J-Lo inspired ‘do uses layered colors like blue and purple for that more ethereal effect.

Alexandra Fazio: “It’s more silver all over, and then it has like more pastel pops, which is really cool and a softer look.”

Want something brighter and bolder? The Halsey look is right up your alley!

Alexandra Fazio: “Halsey’s is a little edgier, which has about like five to six different colors, and they’re all alternated throughout the hair. These colors are really fun because you can do anything with them.”

Both of these looks will last for a few weeks, depending on how often you wash the hair, meaning you’re gonna stand out and get compliments for days.

Brittney Jensen: “I’m gonna be a showstopper. Last time I went out, I’ve had so many compliments on my hair. People that I don’t even know walk up to me and just go oh my god your hair is amazing, where did you get it done?”

And that’s the goal for the Hair Circus team.

Alexandra Fazio: “We wanna make sure that our clients leave happy and are in love their hair. We don’t even want them to like their hair. We want them to be in love with their hair.”


Hair Circus Salon

501 SW 2nd Ave.

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301



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