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 November 1

by Carolina

Celebrities are taking advantage of the opportunity to dress up – not in Balenciaga and other designer brands, but in full blown Halloween costumes.

Pop star Lizzo gave Instagram a double dose of the holiday as she dressed up as both Marge Simpson and Miss Piggy.

Kim Kardashian went stepped into the Marvel Universe and emerged as Mystique wearing a blue body suite with red, slicked-back hair. The Kardashian kids paid homage to musical icons of the 90s including Aaliyah, Sade, Eazy-E, and Snoop Dogg.

Some social media users are saying Diddy “Love” Combs won Halloween 2022, who fully committed with his Joker costume.

Joe Jonas took a more comedic approach to his costume choice as he transformed into “Flo,” Progressive’s fictional insurance spokesperson. Meanwhile, Frankie Jonas and his girlfriend dressed up as his brother Joe and Taylor Swift when the two dated back in 2008.

Singer Chloe Bailey took on Babs Bunny from Space Jam, while her sister, Halle, morphed into a character right out of Disney’s Avatar.

From Shawn Mendez’s Indiana Jones to Kerry Washington’s Lionel Richie and all of the above, here’s a look at some of the best celebrity Halloween costumes of 2022.

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