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 September 23

by Carolina

Sam Asgari hopes Netflix hasn’t benefited from the power of attorney fighting of his fiancée.

The Streaming Giants released a trailer for the documentary “Britney vs Spears” on Wednesday (22.09.21). A 27-year-old personal trainer claimed that it wasn’t suitable for a documentary released about pop icon height. Introducing a court battle to eliminate her father, Jamie Spears, as her co-guardian and make money from someone’s “injustice.”

Regarding the trailer on Netflix’s Instagram page, he wrote: [against] Illegal # freebritney. “

The outline of Erin Lee Kerr’s movie is as follows. “The world knows Britney Spears: performers, artists, icons. But over the last few years, her name has been publicly associated with another, more mysterious term, the power of attorney.

“‘Britney Spears’ tells an explosive story of Britney’s life and her quest for public and private freedom.

“With years of research, exclusive interviews, and new documentation, this Netflix feature film is a pop star trail from a girl next door to a woman trapped in fame and family, to her own legal status. It depicts Britney’s life without the traumatic image that previously defined her. “

Sam commented on “Britney vs Spears” hours after it was revealed that Britney wanted to end her protection “completely and inevitably” this fall.

The “Slumber Party” singer hasn’t been in control of her business since the collapse of 2008, but her lawyer, Matthew Rosengert, “no longer serves a legitimate purpose” and breaks the deal. Although he took the following steps to do so, his number one priority was to dismiss the 39-year-old pop star’s father as a convertor of her property.

The lawyer requested Judge Brenda Penny to replace the patriarch with someone “temporarily and shortly” from September 29th.

According to Variety, Matthew said in a document that a prenuptial agreement was required after Britney’s recent engagement with Sam, which required the involvement of her guardian and the relationship between the “lucky” singer and her father. “It is in Spears’ best interest to impede the ability to negotiate and complete a contract that everyone can agree on,” claiming that his involvement had collapsed because of the collapse.

The lawyer responded to Jamie’s petition for the complete termination of the power of attorney on September 7. He confirms that Britney “fully agrees” to disband as soon as possible and petitiones him to end when his father is dismissed.

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