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 July 5

by Carolina

Britney Spears’ boyfriend has never suggested to her.

The “lucky” singer claimed in court last month that her parental officer prevented her from getting married and having children, but insiders never actually asked Sam Asgari a question. It was revealed that there was no such thing.

Sources told TMZ about the idea that Britney and Sam (who have been together for four years) would be engaged, but neither had formalized their intentions.

During her court hearing, a 39-year-old pop star who has 15-year-old Sean Preston and 14-year-old Jayden and ex-husband Kevin Federline couldn’t start a family with Sam because of her decision. Made by her guardian who claimed to have been.

She said, “I want to move forward gradually, I want to make a real deal. I want to be able to get married and have a baby. To me [IUD] I’m inside myself so I won’t get pregnant. They don’t want me to have kids-no more kids. “

Britney’s medical decision was made by her co-guardian Jody Montgomery, who deals only with her financial problems, so Jamie Spears, the father and guardian of the “Womanizer” hitmaker. Later issued a statement claiming that the issue had nothing to do with him.

His representative said: Spears does not talk to or meet with Spears’ medical team and is not allowed or had the opportunity to inform or inform her daughter’s current treatment, diagnosis, or treatment. Nor does Spears participate in or discuss with Spears’ personal matters, such as self-care, marriage, and reproductive desire-related issues.

“These are issues under the jurisdiction of Mr. Montgomery as Spears’guardian, and Mr. Spears is likely to be discussing with Mr. Ingham, a lawyer appointed to the court. He is not involved in any decisions related to personal care or medical or reproductive issues. “

Jody’s own legal team later condemned the idea, stating that while Britney was in office in 2019, his ability to marry and have children was “unaffected by the power of attorney.” I did.

Jody’s lawyer, Laurie Ann Wright, said in a statement: [has] While Mr. Montgomery was his guardian, he was not affected by his guardian.

“It can be clearly stated that Jody Montgomery was a tireless supporter of Britney and her well-being. She does not control Britney’s financial assets, but is responsible for her personal care. If Britney wants an issue raised in court, Montgomery is always ready and willing to do so. “

According to lawyers, getting married and giving birth is still an economic decision, and now under his jurisdiction, Jamie is still responsible.

She added: “In reality, everything costs money, so no spending will occur unless Spears and Spears approve. Montgomery said about all the spending requested by Britney and the spending recommended by Britney’s medical team. , Proposed on behalf of Britney. “

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