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 March 3

by Carolina

Tall Tales

And other stories from the stranger side of life

Chopped salami

A company that offers customers the chance to turn their favourite celebrity into salami has prompted speculation it could be the fulfilment of a Biblical prophecy indicating the end of days. BiteLabs advertises “artisanal salamis from meat that has been lab-grown from celebrity tissue samples”. Reporting on the firm, Israel 365 News points out that the Prophet Ezekiel prophesised in the Torah that cannibalism would be one “one of the horrors” seen in the apocalypse.

Family WhatsApp group confusion

A man says a plumber was accidentally added to his family WhatsApp group as “dad” and spent six months quietly watching the discussions. The man, known as Jonno on Twitter, said that after setting up the group, his actual dad would often call to ask about things that had already been discussed in the group. Jonno eventually realised he had added ‘Peter’ (his father’s name) to the group, rather than the person saved in his contacts as ‘dad’.

Mum threatens to sell kids on eBay

A mother jokingly threatened to sell her kids on eBay after they redecorated the living room with a large tub of talcum powder. Christina Milford-Scott said it took more than two hours to clean up the mess. “They have done this before but nothing on this scale,” she said. “These children are going to drive me insane and I have finally got over the funny thought of selling them on eBay.”

Original posted at www.theweek.co.uk

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