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 October 9

by Carolina

Here are celebrities who walked away from showbiz for religious reasons.

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  • Oct 09, 2022, 10:09 AM IST

There are some of the biggest stars ever in Bollywood. The industry is well-recognised for its glitz, art, and other things. However, some performers choose to move on and follow their spiritual path years after being in the industry.

1. Sahar Afsha

Sahar Afsha


Popular Bhojpuri actress Sahar Afsha recently announced that she has decided to quit the showbiz industry to follow the religious path of Islam

2. Sana Khan

Sana Khan


Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Sana Khan announced on social media that she has decided to quit the showbiz industry and wishes to spend her life serving humanity and following the orders of her ‘creator’. 

3. Zaira Wasim

Zaira Wasim


Zaira declared her exit from acting in 2019, citing that she was unhappy with the line of employment since it conflicted with her faith and religion.

4. Saqib Khan

Saqib Khan


Roadies Revolution competitor Saqib Khan addressed his followers earlier in a lengthy statement that he would no longer be accepting any modelling or acting opportunities.

5. Sofia Hayat

Sofia Hayat


Hayat declared that she had adopted spirituality and had become a nun in June 2016. Gaia Sofia Mother became her chosen name.

6. Mamta Kulkarni

Mamta Kulkarni


After making an appearance in the movie Kabhie Tum Kabhie Hum, she left the film business to pursue her spiritual vocation.

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