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 July 18

by Carolina

Ronnie Wood had to fight “a lot” to get over the cancer again.

According to the Rolling Stones legend, it was revealed in April that he was secretly fighting small cell carcinoma during the blockade last year, but a 74-year-old guitarist who was treated for lung cancer in 2017 is needed. I admitted that, but now I feel “strong”. “A lot of stamina” during his treatment.

He told Times Weekend magazine: I’m strong And I’m adaptable. However, it took a lot of battle and a lot of stamina to get over it. “

Ronnie felt “scary” about her illness, but decided to make the most of her daily life for her wife, Sally’s five-year-old twins, Alice and Gracie.

He said: “Of course it’s scary, but in the end, especially with my twins, you just want to treasure every day …

“I value every day. Don’t waste your time.”

Ronnie was grateful to have been treated during the blockade. That’s because I was able to spend the right amount of time focusing on getting in shape.

He states: I had a lot of chemotherapy and radiology, but it didn’t interfere with other people’s schedules. I had the time and space to concentrate on getting in shape. “

And “Start Me Up” rocker says he and his Rolling Stones bandmate Sir Mick Jagger (who had heart surgery in 2019) are discussing their medical issues. I admit, but I can’t wait to get back to work with the band.

Ronnie said: “Oh, he’s fine, but of course we talked about our health. He’s as grateful as I am. Mick is fighting well and we two work again. I can’t wait. “

Ronnie Wood Feels Strong After Fighting Cancer | Celebrities

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