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 August 26

by Carolina

Lord says abandoning social media was the “most difficult thing” she’s ever done.

“Solar power” hit makers stopped using sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube, and giving up on social media initially felt “disconnected” from the world, so she was “terrible.” It’s difficult. “

She states: “I felt like my brain wasn’t working well. It was terribly difficult and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I was very crap. I felt very amputated. But that’s what my life is like now. “

Lord, 24, says it helps assistants check her and avoid accidentally peeking at what’s happening online.

However, there is one app that Lord still loves to use, as he admitted that he has become part of the “community” of the New York Times cooking app.

During her appearance in The Late Show with James Corden, she added: “Go to the New York Times Cooking App and check out the comments. That’s the source of the community for me. And you get all these weird little stories. Someone said,” Husband. When he gets home from work, I make this for my husband, and he works this way. “And you like” oh. ” Sometimes you get crazy details. “

Meanwhile, Lord recently stated that withdrawal from social media is “sacred,” especially when it comes to her mental health.

She said: “It was God, I really enjoy it. I’m a shy and sensitive person.

“That’s a lot of information. I understand that I was overwhelming myself with headlines and thoughts from others all day long. It didn’t give me much room to have ideas or brainstorm things. I am very grateful now. “

However, the “Royals” singer admitted that he was having a hard time catching up with his friends without being on a site like Instagram.

She added: “The only thing I think is how much I underestimated my friend’s affection on Instagram. That’s the way people stay connected. I really have to date my friends. . I’m planning people’s birthdays now. “

Road: It was very hard to throw away social media | Celebrities

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