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 February 17

by Carolina

Is platinum blonde here to stay? Over the last two months, celebrities like Ricky Martin, Guaynna, and Scott Disick have gotten their hands on some bleach and toner. The platinum look comes and goes every few years so there is no doubt we will see more celebs rocking it soon. The look isn’t for everyone but here are 10 male celebrities that have rocked platinum blonde over the years.

Ricky Martin with platinum blonde

© Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin got “bored” in January so decided to bleach his beard. Fans joked he looked like a sexy Santa Claus.

Scott Disick with platinum blonde hair

© GrosbyGroup

Scott Disick

Scott Disick just dyed his hair and was seen rocking it on the beach over Valentine’s day weeked.

Guaynaa with platinum blonde hair

© Guaynaa


Guaynaa was rocking platinum blonde hair as he promoted his single “Monterrey” in February.

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