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 August 2

by Carolina

Rebel Wilson is “in search of love.”

“Isn’t It Romantic” star reveals that she recently bought a home in London and plans to spend “more” time in the British capital, revealing the possibility of finding a British boyfriend I’m raising it.

The rebels are quoted in the Sun newspaper’s Bizzare column as saying: I bought the place in London so I’m sure I’ll spend more time in London in the future.

“I’m definitely looking for love because I’m an established person in my career, but I have to be the right person.

“I did find some great people, it wasn’t just completely right. I’m still hunting.”

After breaking up with billionaire Jacob Bush in February, the 41-year-old actress, ready to move on, insisted she didn’t want to interact with the man who slipped into the DM.

She states:

“It’s like opening the door to something you don’t know. There could be pictures of d ***, and those DMs could be anything.

“I tend not to see it, because as a human, if someone writes something meaningful about you, you’ll be a little sad.

“Random on the internet doesn’t really know you, so you shouldn’t be angry with what they might say.”

Meanwhile, comedians recently revealed that they lost weight to increase their chances of getting pregnant.

The “Pitch Perfect” actress shed more than £ 65 last year. Although she was initially “angry” at the doctor’s suggestion to give birth if she was slim and “healthy,” the comments motivated her to work on her diet. Habit.

She said on Instagram Live:

“I was actually a little offended. I thought I was pretty fine, even if it was big.

“That’s why I started it. If I lose extra weight, it will give me a better chance of freezing eggs and having better quality eggs.

“At first I wasn’t even myself. I was thinking about the future minimie and its quality. That was the kickstart.”

But in May, the rebels said her Instagram followers were given some “bad news” about her childbirth.

She writes: “Today there was bad news and no one shared it … but I would have to tell someone. To every woman suffering from childbirth, I feel you. The universe It works mysteriously. The way, and sometimes it all doesn’t make sense … but I hope the light is about to shine through all the dark clouds. “

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