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 March 28

by Carolina

Rasika Dugal on why she is sceptical about special appearances

Rasika Dugal on why she is skeptical about special appearances

Rasika Dugal has a special appearance in the new sci-fi comedy web series “OK Computer”, and the actress admits she was initially sceptical to come on board the show! “I have a special appearance in the show. I appear very briefly though the character is connected to the story in a big way. I was initially sceptical because special appearances are common in the West but not so common in the Indian scenario, and people tend to consider it as a small role,” Rasika told IANS.

Throwing light on the web series, she added: “It examines what technology is doing to us and how we respond to it and what the future of something like Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be. It is already an integral part of our lives. In a sense, I feel the series is way ahead of its time.”

How tech savvy Rasika is in real life? The actress bursts into laughter. “I am an extremely tech-unsavvy person. Lockdown has been very hard for me. I’ve finally learnt how to do a zoom call without technical glitches and now I’m a proud owner of a web camera, a laptop, a ring light and earpods — none of these I had before lockdown. Now I know how to connect a web cam to a laptop and how to switch on a ring light!” she replied.

On a lighter note, the actress added: “I don’t know what energy vibe I give to electronic equipment because they tend to collapse in front of me. I feel something is wrong!”

The series stars Vijay Varma and Radhika Apte, and has veteran Jackie Shroff in an interesting role, but Rasika regrets not being able to share the screen with him.

“I’ve been a huge fan for many years and have grown up watching him in different kinds of films. I just bumped into him a couple of times during the dubbing and promotions. I hope there will be another season and I get an opportunity to work with him,” she said.

Directed by Pooja Shetty and Neil Pagedar, “Ok Computer” streams on Disney+ Hotstar.

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